We Need Expert Advice About Oracle

You know how difficult Oracle can be to work with and how tough they can be to manage.  Oracle software and services are often embedded throughout your organization. From database and middleware to applications, and from cloud to Java, if you’re using Oracle, then you have to be on top of it, or Oracle will make you pay.

Working with Oracle means managing relationships, problems, and contracts at multiple levels. Oracle is adept at extracting information from you and leveraging that information to put Oracle in the best position to increase your fees, lock you into Oracle, and push you to the Oracle cloud.

Level the playing field

Companies of all sizes must level the playing field with Oracle. The best way to achieve this is by engaging the Palisade Compliance team of Oracle experts to help you manage your Oracle relationship and make decisions that promote your corporate strategy and vision. Palisade’s Oracle advisory services are designed to support your executive, legal, and IT organizations as they manage their Oracle landscape.

From large multinational Fortune 10 firms through to small, privately held regional companies, organizations all over the globe have taken advantage of Palisade Compliance’s Oracle advisory services. Because Palisade Compliance is completely independent of Oracle, we can give you clear unbiased guidance, whether you’re looking to break free from Oracle or acquire more Oracle technology and services.

Looking for trusted, independent advice and guidance to help manage your Oracle relationship?  Get in touch with our experts today.

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