Why Palisade

Designed to help your business save money, ensure license compliance, and take back control of your Oracle relationship, Palisade holds a unique position in the technical and licensing advisory services market.

Company Story

The Palisade Compliance story started in 1995 when our founder and CEO, Craig Guarente, began his career with Oracle. For the next 16 years Craig worked at Oracle in various roles, ultimately becoming their Global Vice President of Contracts and Business Practices, as well as the Global Process Owner for Oracle’s LMS audit teams. Managing a team over 1000 strong, and covering billions of dollars in revenue, Craig gained unparalleled insights into Oracle, their behavior, and how they frustrated their customers.

Since 2011, Palisade Compliance has grown into the largest, independent, Oracle focused advisory firm. Now, with more than 350 clients all over the world, Palisade Compliance is the clear industry leader for companies and governments looking for help with Oracle.

Craig negotiating for Oracle, circa 1997.

What Makes Palisade Different

Our team of experts

Palisade Compliance has over 250 years of Oracle related experience on staff. In fact, the Palisade Compliance delivery team is 100% former Oracle contracts, LMS compliance, business practices, and sales. While still with Oracle, our team:

  • Created and built Oracle’s global contracts organization
  • Lead Oracle’s business practices groups around the world
  • Developed Oracle LMS global audit processes, tools, and methodologies
  • Delivered license and contracts training throughout Oracle and to Oracle customers.

The Palisade Compliance team.

Palisade Compliance technology

Determining your position with Oracle requires you to analyze your Oracle contracts and usage. Palisade Compliance has invested eight years and millions of dollars developing proprietary technologies and methodologies to analyze both.

Our tools and engines can track, measure, and report on any product Oracle sells. Results are designed to provide you with facts and flexibility, and not restrict you to having to buy more Oracle.

Palisade will never sell you licenses for software to help you solve a problem with licensing software or cloud. Palisade technology is designed to help answer questions, solve problems, and provide you with accurate information you need to stay in control.


Palisade does not resell, or make money from the sale of any product, whether it’s an Oracle product or the product of one of our partners. Virtually every other company offering Oracle license management or optimization services are also Oracle resellers or integrators. These companies have an inherent conflict of interest. When they find compliance issues, it is a lucrative potential revenue source for them.

When we find potential compliance issues, we work with our client to exhaust all alternative ways of responsibly resolving the issue, instead of simply paying Oracle (or a reseller) more money.

Oracle focus

Oracle compliance and advisory services are all we do. While many other companies try to cover everything, Palisade stays focused on one thing – our client’s position with Oracle. Oracle is unique and does business differently from other software and cloud companies. Our focus enables us to better predict Oracle’s behavior and stay current on everything Oracle does.

Oracle products and services are incredibly diverse, and Oracle has acquired more than 100 companies over the years. We can also help you with any product or service Oracle has acquired. Palisade goes deeper into solving our clients’ problems with Oracle and their acquisitions than anyone else.

Our clients

Our clients’ success in tackling their challenges and charting a path of their own, unencumbered by Oracle’s high costs or aggressive sales and audit tactics, is the measure of our success, too. While some of our work becomes public, as it did with our support of Mars and the State of Oregon, most of our success remains behind the scenes as we always protect confidentiality.

Palisade clients are so satisfied with our services that they have agreed to public case studies, recorded videos, and providing references. They have given Palisade Compliance a Net Promotor Score of 94 (Apple Net Promotor Score is 72).


Our team provides advice based on decades of combined experience as Oracle employees, and outsiders facing Oracle across the negotiating table.

Craig Guarente

CEO and Founder

Craig is the CEO and founder of Palisade Compliance. Founded in 2011, Palisade Compliance is now the leading independent provider of Oracle licensing, contracting, audit defense, and cost reduction services. Palisade Compliance enables businesses to reduce their Oracle costs, stay in compliance, and take back control of their Oracle business relationship. Before founding Palisade, Craig worked at Oracle for over 15 years.


Stephen Sopko

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Stephen is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Palisade Compliance. His 25+ years experience in leading technology, contracting and entrepreneurial ventures enables him to build a solid foundation for Palisade expert services to our Clients worldwide. While at Oracle, Stephen was the Vice President responsible for over 300 contracts and business practices staff across Oracleʼs Europe, Middle East, and Africa division.


Leadership Team

Dan DeVenio

Vice President and Chief Client Officer


Anna-Rita Stanley-Best

APAC – Managing Director


Max Shlopak

Vice President, Strategic Advisory


David Arnold

Vice President, Delivery & Advisory


Adi Ahuja

Senior Director, Delivery & Advisory


Luis Nunez

Senior Director, Analysis


Michelle Ebright, CPA

Director, Finance


Palisade Compliance is the leading independent provider of Oracle software compliance and analysis services.



Offering our services in partnership with other companies, Palisade maximizes benefits to clients by delivering a wider scope of services and solutions.