Oracle Cloud Migration Services

We can help you successfully move to Oracle Cloud or to a third party cloud, stay in compliance, optimize your position, and avoid any added Oracle costs.

Oracle on premise to Cloud migration

Companies all over the world are migrating all or part of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Oracle technology and applications are no exceptions. Making a decision on how and when to move to the cloud should be fairly straightforward. As with most things involving Oracle, however, Oracle Cloud migration is just not that easy.

What issues do companies face when moving to the cloud with Oracle?

  • Oracle will increase fees 300-400% when you move to their cloud.
  • Oracle states that people can’t move to the cloud of their choice, which is false.
  • Oracle states they won’t support people in a 3rd party cloud, which is false.
  • Oracle says it’s twice as expensive to use a non-Oracle cloud, which is also false.

As an Oracle customer looking to migrate to the cloud, you want to protect the significant investments you have made in your Oracle licenses, while at the same time choosing the cloud environment that best fits your technical needs. You have no interest in being locked into Oracle and paying Oracle more money.

Which cloud are you moving to?

Most Oracle customers who move to the cloud do not want to use Oracle’s cloud. Companies of all shapes and sizes are moving to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. While you are heading toward the non-Oracle cloud world, Oracle is desperately trying to get you to use their cloud.

We have helped numerous companies all over the world successfully transition to a non-Oracle cloud, stay in compliance, and eliminate any additional Oracle costs.

The importance of independent advice

Palisade Compliance is not an Oracle ERP reseller. In fact, we don’t resell any services for any company. This means we can offer you truly independent advice and guidance whether you’re migrating to a third party (non-Oracle) cloud or directly to Oracle Cloud.

Our Oracle Cloud migration services

Did you know that every Oracle Cloud contract gives Oracle the right to use your data, and audit you on it? Do you think the cloud keeps you in compliance? Think again.

There’s a right and a wrong way to move to Oracle’s cloud. The first step we recommend is don’t give up your licenses! It’s important to keep your on-premise licenses when moving to Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud contracts are not based on a model where you only pay for what you use. You have to commit to a spend – you don’t have the same control as with on-premise licenses.

We negotiate all types of Oracle cloud agreements for clients, including:

  • Universal cloud credit agreements
  • SaaS, PaaS, laaS contracts
  • Cloud services agreements
  • Migrations from on-premise

To get the most from an Oracle UCC, you must immediately consume services equal to Oracle’s monthly fee for the cloud credits. Consume less and you’re giving money to Oracle for services you’re not using. Consume more and you must pay extra fees.

Oracle Cloud or non-Oracle cloud?

Let us help you successfully migrate to the cloud provider of your choice. 


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