We Are Moving To The Cloud

What are the issues you might be facing?

Companies all over the world are moving all or part of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Oracle technology and applications are no exceptions. Making a decision on how and when to move to the cloud should be fairly straightforward. As with most things involving Oracle, however, it’s just not that easy.

Oracle has come out publicly and stated they want to increase your current Oracle fees by 300-400% as they make you move to their closed cloud environment. Your goals, on the other hand, are quite different. That’s where Palisade Compliance can help.

Oracle customers looking to move to the cloud want to protect the significant investments they have made in their Oracle licenses, while at the same time choosing the cloud environment that best fits their technical needs. These customers have no interest in being locked into Oracle and paying Oracle more money.

Palisade Compliance is not an Oracle reseller. In fact, we don’t resell any services for any company. This means we can offer you truly independent advice and guidance whether you are moving to a third party (non-Oracle) cloud or directly to the Oracle Cloud.

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Do you want to move to a non-Oracle cloud?

Most Oracle customers who move to the cloud do not want to use Oracle’s cloud. Companies of all shapes and sizes are moving to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. While you are heading toward the non-Oracle cloud world, Oracle is desperately trying to get you to use their cloud.

Palisade Compliance has helped dozens of companies all over the world successfully transition to a non-Oracle cloud, stay in compliance, and eliminate any additional Oracle costs. Have you heard Oracle say it’s twice as expensive to use a non-Oracle cloud? Well, that’s not true. Let us help you move to the cloud provider of your choice.

Do you want to move to Oracle’s cloud?

Palisade can help you here as well. Our services include:

  • Oracle Cloud contract negotiation support. Did you know that every Oracle cloud contract gives Oracle the right to use your data, and audit you on it? Do you think the cloud keeps you in compliance? Think again.
  • Oracle Cloud pricing optimization.
  • License-to-cloud transition analysis and recommendations.
  • Oracle cloud credit review and analysis.

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