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Avoid the pitfalls involved with Oracle’s aggressive license auditing process and come out on top.

An Oracle license audit is not designed to be fair, open, and independent. While a real audit is designed to find the ultimate truth, Oracle software licence audits are designed to give Oracle maximum leverage over you, push you to Oracle’s cloud, and increase your Oracle fees. Palisade Compliance offers a range of Oracle license audit support services to help you come out on top when you receive an audit letter from Oracle.

Oracle license audit process - Q&A

The simple answer is – to make money! Oracle wants to meet their bottom line. If they think your software is not licensed properly, they will audit you. This can result in large fines and needing to pay millions to Oracle.

It can be triggered by just giving Oracle information. We like to say, “Anything you say can and will be used against you by Oracle.” Oracle license audits are not random. They will audit you if they have the slightest inclination that you’re out of compliance or unsure of your license position. Mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, etc can all trigger an audit. One of our clients was doing marketing around their new subsidiaries. They received a software license audit letter from Oracle.

Mainly accruing large financial penalties from Oracle for being out of compliance. Staying compliant with your licenses is an important part of being able to defend yourself in an Oracle software license audit, or even better, not needing to be audited in the first place!

If you’re being audited by Oracle License Management Services (LMS), then you’re probably:

  • unsure of the process
  • worried about the outcome
  • at risk of losing millions of dollars

There are good reasons for feeling this way. Ultimately, Oracle doesn’t have to prove you are out of compliance to get your money. They only have to make you doubt your position.

It’s possible. We had a client that attempted to do this, but they found it was far too daunting, especially as they didn’t have the knowledge or resources to go up against Oracle. It’s better to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. Since Palisade Compliance employees helped to build the audit teams at Oracle, we’re the best option when it comes to navigating Oracle license audits and negotiating with Oracle.

Don't go it alone into an Oracle license audit!

Oracle has been auditing for over 35 years. They have conducted more than 100,000 audits, spent hundreds of millions of dollars perfecting their audit approach, and generated billions of dollars by auditing their customers. How much experience do you have with Oracle software license audits? Are you willing to go it alone?

Whether you have just received the Oracle software license audit letter and haven’t yet responded, or you are going through an audit and feeling that it’s getting out of control, or you are at the “end” of the process, with the Oracle LMS “final report” in hand, Palisade Compliance can help you. It is never too late to get help with your Oracle licensing audit.

Got an audit letter from Oracle LMS? Ask our Oracle licence audit experts to help you!

Free Oracle license audit resources

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Explore our range of free resources to help you take control of an Oracle licence audit.

Oracle license auditing case studies

Download our case studies:

Early Audit Defense – a Valuable Strategy – find out how we helped an investment firm gain the upper hand in its negotiations with Oracle, and ensure it didn’t succumb to Oracle’s auditing tactics.

Pushing Back Against an Oracle Audit – learn how we helped Pets Best defend against an Oracle audit by developing an action plan, pushing back, and asserting their contractual rights.

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oracle audit training

Learn how to do it yourself with Paliversity

Our training module, “How to control an Oracle audit” details Oracle’s strategy and tactics when conducting license audits. We also review how you can use your contracts to seize control of the audit, make it transparent and fair, and ultimately pay less money to Oracle.

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