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We are the leading independent provider of Oracle software and cloud licensing, contracting, cost reduction, and compliance advisory services.

How Can We Help You With Oracle?

Help, I'm being audited!

Don’t go into an audit alone. One mistake could cost you millions. We can defend your company.

I want to reduce my costs

No one at Oracle will help you spend less with Oracle. Palisade will help you lower that support bill from Oracle.

I need compliance help

Be proactive and understand your compliance position before Oracle does it for you.

I need assistance with a ULA

Complete ULA lifecycle support. Negotiations, management, and certification.

I need an Oracle expert

Oracle is so complex it’s impossible to stay current without a team of experts at your side. Get help today.

I want training

Whether it’s online/on-demand training or custom workshops, Palisade Compliance has a solution for you.

I am moving to the cloud

Move to the cloud you want, when you want. Don’t be forced to do it Oracle’s way. Move your way.

I need help with my contracts

Oracle contracts have hidden traps and are impossible to understand. We know Oracle contracts better than anyone.

I need help with M&A activity

Our due diligence support helps uncover risks for companies undergoing a merger or acquisition.

Not sure where to start?

Learn how we can help you take back control of your Oracle relationship.

Who We Are

Palisade Compliance stands out from all other firms working in this space. Our success is built on the expertise of our team, the bespoke technology we use, our true independence from Oracle, and our customer focus. This is reflected in the results we’ve achieved for our clients.


Over 200 years of Oracle experience across compliance, contracts, negotiations, cost reductions, and training. Meet our team.


Proprietary technology designed to uncover your Oracle usage and compliance, as well as shed light on your contracts. We are the only ones doing this!


We are not an Oracle partner or reseller so we can give you pure unbiased guidance free from conflicts of interest. Palisade makes no money from selling Oracle.


Oracle compliance and advisory services is all Palisade does. We are 100% focused on helping you solve problems around Oracle and all their acquisitions.

Client Success

We have more than 350 clients around the world. Our reputation and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 94 speak for themselves. Read what our clients say.

Sample Client List

  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Mars
    • State of Louisiana
    • Strategic Air Command
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  • Active Network
  • State of Oregon
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Boston Globe
  • Vertafore

Client Success Stories

  • An outdoor furniture manufacturer company followed Palisade’s suggestions and rearchitected their Oracle environment into a configuration more in line with Oracle’s policies. The company also converted some Oracle licensing, again at Palisade’s direction, and remediated what potential non-compliance risk remained. As a result of Palisade’s efforts, the liability was completely eliminated and the company proceeded with the acquisition. 

    Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

  • Thanks to Palisade’s audit, advisory, and negotiation services, a multinational financial services company successfully negotiated a new Oracle contract that aligns with their financial goals and technology roadmap. In addition to the new contract, Palisade provided the company with insight into their licensing and usage that was unavailable before. This knowledge will enable the company to maintain their leverage with Oracle as the two companies continue to work with each other. 

    Multinational Financial Services Company

  • At the end of the engagement, the Midwest manufacturer was able to confidently proceed with third-party support and realize substantial cost savings. Just as importantly, the manufacturer feels prepared for the possibility of an audit, if that’s what the future holds. 

    Midwest manufacturer

  • Palisade served as a healthcare company’s advisor,managing the Fusion and GoldenGate ULA certification process and guiding it along the way. Palisade assessed the company’s architecture to identify what entitlements it was using and successfully certified at around 1,800 cores. 

    Healthcare Cost Management Provider

Resource Knowledge Base

We aim to empower you in your dealings with Oracle. Our team of Oracle experts has designed a range of in-depth content to help you clearly understand the key problems around Oracle software and cloud licensing. You’ll learn best practice strategies for navigating the notoriously tricky Oracle waters and ultimately learn how to take control of Oracle.

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