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Reduce costs, achieve compliance, and take back control with Palisade Compliance’s team of independent Oracle experts in your corner.

Independent Oracle Experts

Our Oracle services

We are the leading independent provider of services relating to Oracle licensing, license audits, cloud, Java, contracts and negotiation, cost reduction, and strategic advice.

Oracle audit help
From receiving a letter to a successful defense of the LMS audit, we’ll be alongside you every step of the way.
License compliance

We can assure your licenses are compliant with Oracle, whether it’s virtualization, db or software licensing.

Oracle contracts
Need help negotiating with Oracle to get the best deal on your license agreements? Make use of our proven expertise.
Oracle in the cloud
Moving your IT infrastructure to Oracle Cloud ERP or a 3rd party cloud services provider? We’ll help you make the right decisions.
Unlimited license agreement
Should you exit from your Oracle ULA, or extend it? Rely on us to help you avoid a multi-million dollar mistake.
Reducing support costs
Starting with your next support renewal, we can help you save millions on your Oracle support and maintenance spend.
Licensing Oracle Java
Do you understand what Oracle’s changes to how they license Java mean for you? We’ll reduce your risk of non-compliance with Oracle.
Oracle and M&A activity
Does your M&A strategy take Oracle contracts into account? Avoid unexpected fees from Oracle by getting us on board.
Oracle strategic advice
Our strategic advisory services will help you manage your Oracle relationship to the benefit of your organization.

We have your back when you need it most

Oracle is often the most difficult vendor for anyone to manage.

Whether it’s moving to the cloud, defending an audit, or negotiating with Oracle, our team of professional advisors know every circumstance and every challenge. We have the experience and expertise to ensure our clients make objective decisions.

Our clients

6 reasons to engage us as your Oracle experts

Independence from Oracle

We do not resell Oracle products or services. Our freedom from Oracle means you get the best impartial advice and guaranteed results.

Expertise with Oracle

We help our clients take back control from Oracle with solutions founded on 250 years of collective experience with the software giant.

Solely focused on Oracle

Oracle compliance and advisory services are all we do. This enables us to better predict Oracle’s behavior and stay current on everything they do.

Unique tools

We have invested extensively in proprietary technologies and methodologies to help you precisely determine your position with Oracle.

Dedicated to you

We’re renowned for our standards of customer service. No Oracle problem within our scope is too small or too large for us to help you with.

Global reach

Whether you’re in New Zealand, New Delhi, or New Orleans, our expert team is ready to help you meet all your Oracle challenges.

Our Oracle experts can help you take control of your Oracle relationship. Get in touch with us today.

Our customers

We’ve helped our clients save millions on Oracle.

Cyber Security Solutions Company
Cyber Security Solutions Company
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Hiring Palisade Compliance was the best decision we made during our Oracle audit process. Palisade was invaluable and always insightful. We leaned on you a lot and you always made time to be available when needed. Huge thanks to the Palisade Compliance team!
North American Utility Company
North American Utility Company
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Working with your company was a fantastic experience. Before we began, I was very sure that we were license compliant. After we finished, not only was I confident in our compliance, but I felt in better command of our relationship with Oracle.
Technology Solutions Provider
Technology Solutions Provider
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In 30 plus years, I’ve never gotten value out of a vendor like I did with Palisade Compliance. It felt like I was working with a colleague trying to solve a problem rather than a structured, academic approach that you would expect.
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