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How to Prepare for an Oracle License Audit and Reduce Risk – A Virtual Case Study

March 5, 2024 | 1:30pm EST

Oracle license audits are designed to give Oracle maximum leverage over you and increase your fees. If Oracle thinks you are not licensed properly, they will audit you, resulting in large fines. Recent changes to how Java is licensed has also increased risk for many companies, including those who have no other Oracle running in their environments. Ensuring compliance through self-audits and working with the right partner will help to mitigate audit risk from Oracle.

In this webinar, Palisade Compliance CCO welcomes Michael Cahoon, Former CIO of JM Huber. Mike will discuss his organization’s experience with Oracle license audits and the advantages that self-auditing created for his organization. Register today to learn how you can prepare and defend your company against Oracle license and Java audits.

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Reducing Your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement Costs to Improve Your Business Outcomes

March 13, 2024 | 9:00am EST

Do you have an active Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) contract?  Are you starting to think about what you’ll do at the end of your Oracle ULA contract (renew it or exit/certify)? 

We cordially invite you to attend our webinar, “Reducing Oracle ULA costs to enhance business outcomes”. This session is designed to help you optimize your Oracle (ULA) costs and achieve better business outcomes.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Valuable insights on how to reduce Oracle ULA costs and gain a deeper understanding of Oracle ULA costs and ways to reduce them
  • Key topics that strongly influence your Oracle costs that require your close attention (contract, infrastructure, support)
  • How Palisade Compliance and IBM can help you prepare for the end of your Oracle ULA and provide you with a 360° view for selecting your best path forward

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Maximize Your Oracle ULA Value: The Journey of a ULA Engagement – A Virtual Case Study

March 19, 2024 | 1:30pm EST

The Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is one of Oracle’s preferred contracts. A typical ULA costs millions of dollars and many companies are unsure of how to get the most from their contracts. Maximum deployment and having an exit strategy are the two key points to consider when signing a ULA. With such a high cost on the line, it’s important to optimize and make the best decision for your business at the end of the contract, whether that be renewal or certification.

In this webinar Palisade Compliance CCO, Daniel DeVenio, welcomes Joe Schuler, VP of Mastercard. Joe will discuss his organization’s journey from acquiring an Oracle ULA to the preparation for successful certification of the ULA while maximizing the value and reducing the risk of software compliance issues.

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