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Target – minimize costs, maximize flexibility

If you use Oracle products and services, then you have an Oracle license agreement you must manage. Every Oracle customer should strive to stay in compliance and optimize their license position with Oracle, to minimize their costs and maximize their IT flexibility.

Palisade Compliance has developed a host of Oracle licensing services designed to do just that. We blend a comprehensive understanding of Oracle policies, contract terms, and licensing models, along with the unique ability to measure compliance across the entire range of Oracle products, including their 100+ acquisitions. Our clients receive timely, expert advice that enables their business strategy while taking back control of the Oracle relationship. Find out more about our team.

How we can help


Every merger, acquisition, or divestiture creates Oracle licensing implications that must be quantified and mitigated urgently. Oracle also looks for revenue during their customer’s overseas expansion, cloud migration or data center transitions.

What we can provide:

Palisade’s experts deliver Oracle licensing and business advice that enables senior executives to understand the risks, and make the transaction happen on time. We offer the fastest, most comprehensive way to understand your Oracle position, and what to do next.

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CIOs routinely rate Oracle as one of the most difficult vendors to do business with. Every effort to reduce the cost of license or support runs the risk of violating Oracle’s famously vague and confusing licensing policies.

What we can provide:

The first step to reducing your Oracle costs is to understand your current Oracle position, and not assume compliance and then start cutting. Oracle will wipe out years of spending reductions with a single license audit. Palisade offers a unique mix of compliance, negotiation, contracts, and technical advice for executives ready to reduce their total cost of Oracle.


Oracle customers spend millions of dollars unnecessarily thanks to vague and conflicting interpretations of Oracle policy. Oracle’s reaction to third-party products such as VMware is a well-known example.

What we can provide:

Palisade empowers you to understand how differing interpretations of Oracle policy can radically change your compliance risk. We do not sell Oracle, third-party, or any other product. As a result, Palisade’s unbiased, independent experts can help you ensure your deployment on Oracle third-party products and services avoids risks that can lead to huge unbudgeted costs.

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We can help with issues relating to licensing Oracle on a third-party cloud including Amazon Web Services. Find out how we have helped clients like you in our case studies.


Our clients have expressed a desire to better understand how their management of Oracle compares to their peer companies in the same industry or geography. They have also asked for tools to better predict their audit risk and quantify their total cost of Oracle. Our  assessments enable that understanding, providing the internal justification for a focus on Oracle cost reduction. Assessments are simple, affordable, and provide answers quickly.  Evaluate your control of the Oracle relationship with a Palisade Compliance assessment!

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