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Oracle ULA Optimization Services

An Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) can be advantageous for large software deployments. But it comes with the potential for expensive non-compliance risks.

The Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is Oracle’s preferred licensing contract. ULAs bring Oracle large sums of new license revenue and protect Oracle’s sacred support/maintenance streams. ULAs can also be good for Oracle customers. If properly negotiated, managed, and certified, an Oracle ULA allows a customer to deploy large amounts of software at a much smaller per unit cost.

If this sounds too good to be true, it is. The ULA contract is drafted in a way that puts the client at risk of non-compliance and can eventually require a very expensive ULA renewal or extension.

Not only is the contract very one-sided in Oracle’s favor, but Oracle has inserted their license audit team (LMS) into the ULA process. It’s not in the contract, but when you signed that ULA, you basically signed up for an audit.

Make the smart move – get in control of your Oracle ULA

The key for any company in the ULA lifecycle is to understand the risks, maximize the potential, and avoid the pitfalls.

We offer a complete end-to-end ULA optimization service package that enables our clients to do just that. Whether you are thinking about a ULA, negotiating one, in the middle of the ULA, or at the end looking to certify, our team can empower your organization to achieve your ULA goals.

Palisade Compliance’s ULA optimization services include:

  • ULA Education
    • Understand the risks, rewards, and limitations of a ULA, and measure its value for money.
  • ULA Decision Support
    • Conduct a Palisade analysis to determine if the ULA is right for your organization or if you should renew/extend/certify your existing ULA.
  • ULA Negotiation Support
    • Palisade’s Oracle contract experts will enable you to obtain the optimal ULA terms and conditions at the lowest cost.
    • Assess your usage so you can establish the best ULA entry point.
    • Benchmark your entry price and requirements to ensure optimum commercial results.
    • Calculate your current and future usage to negotiate the most advantageous ULA.
    • Create an Oracle ULA, if appropriate for your business, to potentially help you save money on Oracle licenses.
  • ULA Management
    • Palisade’s premier ULA management program will keep you on track and informed of your license deployments. We’ll ensure there are no surprises when your ULA expires and that you are in a position to make the best decisions for your company at the end of your contract, enabling effective future negotiations with Oracle.
  • ULA Certifications
    • We will conduct an Independent Certification count and prepare your certification document to present to Oracle.
    • We will stand behind your certification.
    • We will enable you manage this process so you have all the information you need to make an informed, economically sound decision.
    • Where Oracle tries to insert their LMS auditors during certification, we will advise you how to keep them at bay.
    • We will advise you how to address Oracle’s challenges to your certification, because a certification count that does not result in substantial fees to Oracle is usually challenged.

Don’t be trapped into working with LMS/SIA and giving Oracle more money – work with the independent team at Palisade. Make the smart move for your business and get in control of your Oracle ULA. Talk to us to receive expert guidance while navigating your way through the ULA process.

More ways we can help with your Oracle ULA: