Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) Services

Our expertise with Oracle ULA management, certification and contract negotiation will help you make the best decisions for your organization.

What is an Oracle ULA?​

The Unlimited License Agreement or ULA is Oracle’s preferred contracting vehicle. It is a multi-year agreement where companies can deploy an unlimited amount of licenses into their environment.

Why do I need an Oracle ULA expert?

Every Oracle ULA customer is faced with a critical decision. What do I do with my ULA? Do I sign it? Certify out of it? Extend it? Renegotiate it? Because ULAs are such all-encompassing agreements, what you do with your ULA could be the most important decision you’ll ever make regarding your relationship with Oracle.

What is critical to your success is knowing how to navigate through a ULA from conception to certification. Making a mistake can cost your firm millions of dollars and lock you into using unwanted technology for years to come.

Palisade Compliance experts have advised clients in ULAs totaling more than one billion dollars. Whether your ULA is $500m or $500k in value, we can help you make the best decision for your organization.

Our Oracle ULA services

Every ULA is a custom-crafted agreement. Palisade Compliance has been involved in hundreds of ULA negotiations and renegotiations. Each member of our team of contracting experts has on average more than 20 years of Oracle-related experience. In fact, our team helped create and roll out the Oracle ULA when we were at Oracle!

Our unique two-track negotiation model will help you get the best terms as well as the lowest price for your ULA. Every single term in a ULA is negotiable. Let us help you turn this document from Oracle-friendly to client-friendly.

Oracle sells the ULA as a contract that does not require management. In fact, the opposite is true. The ULA, more than any other Oracle contract, must be managed throughout its lifecycle. Improper ULA contract and license management will lead to multi-million dollar noncompliance issues as well as multi-million dollar lost opportunities for you.

Our proprietary ULA management program is designed to keep you in compliance, obtain the most Oracle software licenses without increasing support costs, and retain your flexibility to exit the ULA at the time of your choosing.

At the end of your ULA, you must be able to properly certify all the licenses you have deployed. This means knowing exactly what you’ve deployed and where, or else you can face high non-compliance fees from Oracle. We have empowered our clients to certify their ULAs and claim billions of dollars of additional Oracle software at no additional costs to the client.

Our ULA certification program is designed to help you count and analyze your Oracle usage. It empowers you to navigate the Oracle sales and LMS audit requests you will receive in the last year of your ULA. Oracle does not make it easy to exit a ULA. We, however, do make it easy.

Don't let ULA renewal kill your budget!

We can help you certify and get out of your ULA, potentially saving you millions. 

Don't know where to start?

45-day ULA assessments

Many companies simply do not know where to start with their Oracle ULA. If you find yourself in this position, then the Palisade Compliance 45-day ULA assessment can point you in the right direction. This service is designed to give you:

  • a high-level overview of your ULA
  • the obstacles you face to achieve your goals
  • a road map on how you can achieve success.

Our ULA assessment engagements have proven to be invaluable for our ULA clients who are looking for quick answers to big problems.

Need help with Oracle ULA management? Get in touch with our experts today.

6 reasons to engage us as your Oracle expertss

Independence from Oracle

We do not resell Oracle products or services. Our freedom from Oracle means you get the best impartial advice and guaranteed results.

Expertise with Oracle

We help our clients take back control from Oracle with solutions founded on 250 years of collective experience with the software giant.

Solely focused on Oracle

Oracle compliance and advisory services are all we do. This enables us to better predict Oracle’s behavior and stay current on everything they do.

Unique tools

We have invested extensively in proprietary technologies and methodologies to help you precisely determine your position with Oracle.

Dedicated to you

We’re renowned for our standards of customer service. No Oracle problem within our scope is too small or too large for us to help you with.

Global reach

Whether you’re in New Zealand, New Delhi, or New Orleans, our expert team is ready to help you meet all your Oracle challenges.


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