Oracle Java Licensing Services

We’ll help you minimize your risk of paying penalties to Oracle for unlicensed Java, and avoid aggressive audits from Oracle’s license management team.

Are your Oracle Java licenses compliant?

In 2019, Oracle changed the rules around Java licensing. What was free is now a paid subscription. As a result most companies are now significantly out of compliance and at risk of paying large penalties to Oracle.

Are you concerned about your Java position? Watch the video to find out from Craig Guarente how Palisade Compliance can help.

Oracle Java licensing


Oracle Java licensing compliance works a little differently from other ways of complying with Oracle. Java is embedded or bundled with so many Oracle and non-Oracle applications. The best thing you can do is understand your risk and take action to mitigate that risk before Oracle forces you into another expensive long-term contract.

Palisade Compliance’s 4-step program will help take an accurate accounting of your Oracle Java landscape and help to remediate any potential compliance problems.

  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Client remediation
  • Palisade Compliance advisory

Your team will receive a layout of your Java landscape, where you have already licensed Oracle Java, and where a non-Oracle Java solution might work, without exposing you to Oracle’s aggressive sales teams.

To get started with our Oracle Java licensing – compliance assurance program, simply fill out the form.

The Oracle Java sales team won't leave us alone!

Turn to Palisade Compliance for expert assistance with Java licensing and risk mitigation. 


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