Avoid the Cost Time Bomb of Non-Oracle Java Products

Webinar recording

In this webinar recording, Palisade Compliance founder and CEO Craig Guarente presents a session on the hidden costs and time bombs in non-Oracle Java contracts, and answers audience questions.

Craig emphasizes that Oracle made significant changes to Java licensing in January 2023, and many customers are unsure of the implications.

Questions and discussion

The webinar covers questions submitted beforehand and during the live session. Some key questions include:

  • Are there alternative Java solutions to Oracle Java?
  • Can Oracle charge for Java used with non-Oracle support?
  • How can companies determine their Java licensing needs?

Key points

  • Oracle has changed its Java licensing model to require paid subscriptions for most commercial use cases.
  • Many companies are unaware of these changes and may be at risk of non-compliance.
  • There are alternative Java solutions available, including Red Hat, Azul, Amazon Corretto, IBM, and OpenJDK, but they may require code changes or have different licensing terms.
  • Oracle can attempt to charge customers for any Java use, even if they download it from another vendor.
  • It is important that companies carefully review their Java usage and contracts to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Craig recommends that companies using Java carefully assess their needs and choose the most cost-effective solution.

Palisade Compliance services

Completely independent from Oracle, Palisade Compliance offers a variety of tools and services to help companies manage their Java licensing. These include:


This webinar recording from July 2023 is about the hidden costs and time bombs in non-Oracle Java contracts. The session is presented by Craig Guarente, founder of Palisade Compliance. Craig discusses the recent changes to Java licensing by Oracle and the implications for customers. He also provides an overview of the alternatives to Oracle Java and the services offered by Palisade Compliance to help customers negotiate the complexities of Java licensing.

Picture of Craig Guarente
Craig Guarente
Craig is the President and Founder of Palisade Compliance, which he founded in 2011. Before 2011, Craig worked at Oracle for 16 years where he was the Global Vice President of Contracts, Business Practices, and Migrations. He was also the Global Process Owner for Oracle’s audit teams (LMS), a member of Oracle’s CIO advisory board, and on the Oracle User Group’s contract and licensing advisory board. Craig is now the leading expert on Oracle licensing, is quoted in dozens of publications, and assists with many high-profile Oracle disputes.