Oracle and Google Announce New Partnership to Bring Oracle Database Workloads to Google Cloud

Oracle breaking news, 12 June 2024.

In a major shift for both companies, Oracle and Google recently announced a new partnership aimed at helping their mutual customers transition to the cloud. This collaboration will make it easier for organizations to move Oracle database workloads onto the Google cloud, eliminating many of the previous challenges related to Oracle licensing, compliance, and support rules.

This new offering brings Oracle Exadata machines into the Google data center, running alongside Google’s other hardware to virtually eliminate latency issues. Customers can count their Oracle licenses as if they were using OCI, and Oracle will support their workloads as long as they are running on these machines.

This offering is particularly well-suited for companies currently running on Exadata machines on-premise or in a competing cloud. The transition from one Exadata environment to another should be relatively straightforward, and once in the Google cloud, customers can take advantage of other Google services, such as artificial intelligence.

However, it is important to carefully analyze your Oracle agreements and spend before making the transition.

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