Real Costs of Oracle’s Universal Cloud Credits Monthly Flex Program


When Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison announced the introduction of Oracle’s Universal Cloud Credits (UCC), the promise was that they would make buying Oracle Cloud easier and less expensive. Some time has passed since this announcement so let’s compare Oracle’s promise of simplicity and lower costs with the reality of what Oracle is doing to its customers.

As we pull the curtain back, you will see there is a big difference between what was promised and what is being delivered. Oracle’s UCCs are more expensive than you think, and they do not get cheaper as you use more of them. In many ways, Oracle’s UCC contract is Oracle’s answer to its on-premise Pool of Funds contract: a gift that keeps on giving – to Oracle.

Our whitepaper covers:

  • How does Oracle’s Universal Cloud Credits Program work?
  • UCCs – money for nothing!
  • UCCs – the more you use, the more expensive it gets.
  • UCCs – unlimited upside – for Oracle.
  • The costly audit threat in Oracle’s cloud.
  • What can you do?

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