Why Independence is Key When Choosing an Oracle Advisor


Every company has the right to receive true, accurate, and unbiased advice on their Oracle contracts and compliance positions. Only firms that can demonstrate that they are independent from Oracle can provide the required impartial counsel necessary to assist those companies to remain in compliance with their contracts and reduce their Oracle spend.

To ensure your company is receiving guidance from an independent firm, Palisade Compliance has made a declaration that we are independent from Oracle.

Unfortunately, finding an independent advisor can be just as tricky as deciphering your Oracle licensing fees, as conflicts of interest can take a variety of forms. That’s why our independence declaration spells out the rules of operation we’ve found are necessary to remain customer-centric. This ebook walks you through the mandates and provides a downloadable independence declaration you can use with your Oracle advisors.

Download our ebook and find:

  • Palisade Compliance’s “Declaration of Independence from Oracle”.
  • A checklist on how to choose an Oracle advisor.
  • An “Advisor Declaration of Independence from Oracle”.