Oracle Audit Self Defense Manual


Oracle LMS audits are not random; if Oracle is auditing you then they believe you are non-compliant. The Oracle audit group works like an assembly line, conducting thousands of audits every year. Their audit playbook covers how they will target you, audit you, and work with their sales and legal departments to close a deal.

You must be equally prepared. The good news is that Palisade Compliance has also completed thousands of audits. We’ve distilled our proven methodologies into this Oracle Audit Self Defense Manual so you’ll know exactly what to do when you receive that Oracle LMS audit letter.

In this whitepaper, you will learn the two main strategic objectives you should have, and the six best-practice steps to take when faced with an Oracle audit.

Following these steps will allow you to understand your compliance position before Oracle, and then to build an audit resolution plan appropriate for you.

Companies employing these Oracle audit self defense tactics take control of the audit process, level the playing field, and ultimately win the Oracle LMS audit.