Optimize Your Oracle and Move to Third-Party Support

Webinar recording

In this webinar recording, Palisade Compliance Founder and CEO, Craig Guarente, welcomes Mark Smith, Founder and CEO of Support Revolution, an independent third-party support provider we have previously collaborated with on webinars.

Key points

  • A continuing problem: Oracle customers saying their support costs were too high was the number one issue for Palisade Compliance back in 2011, and it remains the leading issue to this day. Support Revolution has specialized in third-party support since 2012. So managing support costs is obviously a big deal for Oracle customers.
  • Rise in support costs: Oracle has raised their support costs by 8% each year for the last two years, forcing customers to seek other options. Support bills can run to millions of dollars annually, and this figure is only increasing.
  • Mandated updates: There are many different types of Oracle software that Oracle mandates updates for. It can be difficult to update old Oracle systems. Many companies are running other vendor applications on top of the Oracle systems, but that vendor doesn’t allow them to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle database because their software doesn’t work with it. So many end up in a situation where they need to pay for expensive Oracle support.
  • Cost savings with third-party support: With 3PS, customers can get back in control of their estate. They can move off legacy systems and reinvest savings into new implementations. They can move to solutions that make the most sense for their business, such as cloud.
  • Big companies moving: Tired of the constant Oracle upgrade cycle, many large global companies and public sector organizations with thousands of systems are moving off Oracle support and onto 3PS. The biggest challenge for companies looking for other options is internal – especially championing at the leadership level.
  • How might Oracle respond? Oracle will try to argue that it’s not possible to move to third-party support, but in most circumstances this is not the case.


There is a significant amount of confusion around moving to third-party support, but it can be a great way for companies to save money with Oracle while also keeping their legacy systems, or migrating to different vendors. Working with Palisade Compliance to optimize their Oracle contracts and maintain compliance when moving to a third-party support vendor such as Support Revolution will give Oracle customers the freedom they need to make the best decisions for their companies.