Exit Your Oracle ULA and Adopt Independent Support

Webinar recording

The Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) remains Oracle’s preferred method to license its software and cloud services. While a ULA can be beneficial for those companies that manage and exit their ULA, the same ULA can also be a trap that locks you into high Oracle fees and sub-par support services.

The difference between a successful ULA and a trap is planning. Companies that understand how to get the most from their ULA, plan accordingly, and execute on that strategy, will see a significant reduction in Oracle fees. Optimizing and exiting your ULA also leaves open the freedom to adopt independent support solutions from Support Revolution where you can further reduce your Oracle support costs by 90% while receiving a better quality of service.

In this webinar recording, hosted by Palisade Compliance and Support Revolution, we explain how to:

  • Create your unique ULA plan
  • What to do the last year of your ULA
  • How to avoid the traps that force companies into ULA renewals
  • How to take advantage of your new-found out-of-your-ULA freedom to take back control of your Oracle roadmap, with independent support.