5-Year Oracle ULA Customer Journey


The best time to start managing your ULA is when you are negotiating it. The second-best time is today. The Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is Oracle’s preferred way of selling you software. These ULA agreements are expensive and high risk, but they can be amazing vehicles to help you achieve your digital and cloud transformations. The difference between a successful ULA and a disastrous ULA is all in how you manage it.

From contract negotiations, through post-ULA license optimization, our 5-year ULA lifecycle infographic is designed to give you an overview of how you can successfully manage your ULA, no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your contract with Oracle. Oracle has built the ULA to give Oracle every advantage.

The Palisade Compliance approach to ULA management, as outlined in this infographic, levels the playing field and puts you back in control. Don’t go through an Oracle ULA and try to make it up. Use the Palisade Compliance formula, and take control from Oracle. Simply fill out the form to request a copy of our ULA infographic.