Palisade Discovery Portal

A tool to detect your Oracle deployments

Staying in control of Oracle requires knowledge of Oracle deployments, usage, and compliance.

Palisade Compliance has created a new tool to help you discover the widest range of Oracle products, providing you with the most complete picture of your Oracle estate.

The Palisade Discovery Portal follows the same process Oracle uses to discover software and is updated in real time with the latest licensing rules. The same technology is used by Palisade Compliance in our audit defense work, protecting our clients from Oracle LMS, so you know the output is correct. No more worrying about false positives or outdated results.

Palisade Compliance tools at your fingertips

Oracle software is in every layer of the technology stack and can easily spread. With the Portal, it is possible to quickly and accurately identify Oracle software deployments. The Portal discovers a wide range of products including:
  • Oracle Database and Options®
  • Weblogic®
  • Internet Application Server®
  • MySQL®
  • Java®
  • Siebel®
  • Hyperion®
  • JD Edwards®
  • E-Business Suite®
  • PeopleSoft®
  • Golden Gate®
  • Coherence®

and more!

Solutions for Oracle customers

Unfortunately, discovering Oracle software deployments is difficult and time consuming. There are no keys or codes to contain usage, and without oversight Oracle software can easily run wild in the enterprise. Discovering Oracle software used to rely on inaccurate spreadsheets, expensive SAM tools, untested technologies, or even asking Oracle’s LMS team for help.

All that changes with the Palisade Portal. While Palisade tools power our business, the new Palisade Discovery Portal is our first application available for use directly by businesses and government agencies. The Portal discovers the widest range of Oracle products in your environment, and is done in four easy steps. The Portal is cloud secured and data is deleted immediately once your reports are produced.

The portal is available today as both a self-service subscription or as a managed service offering.

Solutions for companies whose clients are Oracle customers

Understanding what Oracle software is being used in a company’s environment is critical for system integrators, managed service providers, IT consultants, Oracle competitors, and even Oracle partners. This information can help you develop sales opportunities and provide critical services to your customers. The reality is your clients don’t know what Oracle they’re using and that creates a big problem for you.

We’re happy to introduce the Palisade Compliance Discovery Portal Partner Program. The Portal can be used to help you quickly gain insight into your clients’ and prospects’ environments. The Portal can be used in both your sales process and as part of ongoing support for your clients.

Contact us today to see how the Portal Partner Program can help your firm.

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