While we made this video at the end of 2018, the Java licensing situation discussed is still relevant today (May 2021).

So, as you know Oracle made some significant changes to how they license and support Java and many of these changes were due in January 2019.

So, what’s Oracle been doing since the time they announced their changes to Java?

Obviously, Oracle is trying to generate more money. So, the first thing we can tell you is we have not seen Oracle audit customers over Java. Amazingly, we still haven’t seen any LMS audit letters or any SIA audit letters come from Oracle to customers. Maybe they’re out there, and we just haven’t seen them yet.

Now, let’s not get too comfortable with that position though because Oracle could change that on a moment’s notice.

What we have seen is Oracle sales and Oracle partners going out extensively to customers to try to get them – let’s call it “educated on Java”, or “worried about Java licensing and support”. The goal here from all of them is that you go buy a Java subscription.

Do you need a Java license?

We’ve created a one-page chart to help you understand whether or not you need a Java license. We encourage you to download the matrix and we can do a full review of your Java licensing and give you an independent and unbiased position of whether or not you need a Java license, or if you should be worried about it.

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