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Salesman ContractWe are getting closer and closer to Oracle’s fiscal year end. If you are an Oracle customer then you know what that means. Lots and lots of pressure to sign a deal before May 31 ends. This May will be my 75nd quarter close in the Oracle ecosystem. The first 60 happened when I worked at Oracle running their contracts departments and the last 15 on the other side of the table at Palisade Compliance helping our clients to take back control of their Oracle negotiations, save money, and get into compliance.

Over the years (especially the last three) I’ve heard many crazy reasons for giving Oracle money. These are perhaps the nuttiest. And let me tell you straight up, these are all true.

1. “I don’t want to get Oracle mad.” I hear this one all the time. People know that Oracle is happy when it’s fed. Once you stop feeding Oracle then things change. I can’t imagine writing a multi-million dollar check just to keep another company happy. The fear hear is real. If you stop buying Oracle products you will are more likely to be audited (true with many software vendors). In addition, most companies don’t know if they are in compliance so they decide not to roll the dice.

2. “I just want them to go away.” Another one of my favorites. Many large companies can have 20+ Oracle sales people calling on a client. The constant barrage of emails and phone calls can break the best of us. I had one client tell me just the other day that they get so many emails from Oracle that their email spam filter put Oracle emails into spam. No joke.

3. “I have a great relationship with my rep and he needs to hit quota.” My only comment to this one is, wow. Great job selling, not so great job buying.

4. “We always buy from them this time of year.” This one is more common in May. Many clients have just gotten into a routine of buying from Oracle whether or not they really need the software.

5. “We have to renew our agreement with them.” This is typical with a ULA where customers have been renewing two or three times now and they think they have to do it. They don’t understand they have so many options available and giving Oracle more money is the last one they should use.

Now I know I said there would be five, but I had so much fun writing this I am going to give you a bonus 6th reason.

6. “I don’t know what I’m using so I’ll just buy more of what they are selling so I don’t get audited.” Okay, this one hurts. Knowing what you are using is key to buying only what you need at the lowest price. Oracle customers pay heavily for the act of “not knowing”.

Do you have any other crazy examples? Leave us a comment and let us know. Oh, and by the way, Palisade Compliance eliminates all this craziness and helps take control of your Oracle contracting so you never use one of these excuses.

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