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Who We Serve

We service clients all around the world and work directly with CIOs, CFOs and General Counsel


For many, Oracle is one of the most critical technology partners and core technologies in an organization’s day to day activities. Oracle is aware of this and uses it to their advantage to reach their goals, whether it is in the best interests of your company or not. With complex deployments that are often full of surprises, it’s easy for businesses that rely on Oracle to expose themselves to risk by drifting out of compliance.

At Palisade, our experienced team has over 200 years of combined experience in the Oracle field. We will help you bridge the gap between Oracle’s complex contracts and the actual deployments in your organization.

Our independence proves a true differentiator and ensures that you are getting a balanced and unbiased view of your Oracle position. Because Palisade is neither an Oracle partner or reseller, you can be sure that when you engage us for assistance we will be providing you the best solution for your organization.


For many organizations, Oracle support and licenses are the top expense in their yearly IT budget. With over 100 acquisitions in the last 10 years, Oracle’s growth often means that expense is ever- increasing.
The licensing teams at Oracle are experts at using your sunken costs with existing Oracle technologies as leverage into selling you increasing amounts of software and support, and using audits as further leverage.

With Oracle’s constantly changing policies and approach based on observed client behaviors, many standard procurement strategies (consolidation, shelving, etc) play directly into Oracle’s favor and result in compliance risk or audit. This can leave your organization with millions of dollars in unplanned expenditures. To avoid this, your IT staff needs to be equipped with the best tools and advice to make decisions based on facts, not Oracle sales presentations. Palisade can provide the backup and advice that your team needs to take back control of your Oracle relationship.

It’s always important to be able to trust that the advice you are receiving is fair and not given with vested interest. Being completely independent of Oracle, Palisade shares your goal of spending LESS money with Oracle.

While most Oracle licensing decisions are best solved at the business level, the size and scope of potential disputes can often involve your organization’s legal team. Palisade has extensive experience working with corporate and outside counsel to provide technical and Oracle license expertise to better inform your legal strategy.

At Palisade, members of our executive team ran the Oracle contracts team worldwide for 16 years and use this experience to provide unique and authoritative insight on how Oracle will view your legal issues. Our lead delivery and analysis resources have over 20 years of Oracle experience, which will allow your legal advisors to focus on your strategy instead of data collection. This unparalleled experience with Oracle provides us with a unique ability to blend contract advice with actual counts of your Oracle deployments. We will ensure that your team has the right advisor to resolve Oracle legal matters on any level.

Palisade’s executives have advised counsel on large recent Oracle litigations (MARS, Oregon) and our team is challenging Oracle audits every day, ensuring we are always up to date on Oracle’s ever changing approach to audits and legal issues. You can trust that any advise that Palisade is providing your legal team is independent, nor do we ever advise on Oracle’s side in any dispute.