end of your oracle ula termThere are three phases to a ULA: Negotiation – Management – Exit. The last year of your ULA is probably the most critical time because your actions will determine whether or not you give Oracle millions of additional dollars, or you take a different path that saves you money and helps you achieve your digital transformation goals.

The conclusion of your ULA could result in either a new deal with Oracle, or an exit through certification. The choice is yours. In this article we will discuss how to manage the last year of your ULA so you retain control over your ULA exit.

The last year of your ULA should be focused on three goals:

First, you should maximize your ULA deployments. What I mean by that is roll Oracle out everywhere. Expand your licensing footprint so you can claim as many licenses as possible if and when you certify. Remember, your support costs do not go up when you claim more licenses. There is literally no downside here. Don’t squander this opportunity to reduce your unit price Oracle costs.

Second, ensure there are no non-compliance issues. It’s a mistake to believe you cannot go out of compliance when you have an Oracle ULA. In fact, almost all Oracle ULA customers are out of compliance. So while you are expanding your footprint, make sure you are not expanding your non-compliance. Being out of bounds with your Oracle ULA can force you into an expensive renewal.

Third, negotiate hard with Oracle on a new ULA. Negotiate price and terms throughout the last year. There is a negotiation methodology to get the best deal with Oracle and part of that process is that you have time to go through the back and forth that Oracle will put you through. Take this last year as an opportunity to get better terms and better pricing.

You’re in control

If you’ve done all three steps above then you only have one thing left to do at the end of your ULA. And that is to make a decision. Following this Palisade ULA methodology will leave you with two great options:

  • Option 1 is a ULA certification with no risk and plenty of licenses to last for years to come
  • Option 2 is a highly negotiated low cost ULA renewal

Then you make the decision which one is best for you. You are in control and you make the decision.

Palisade Compliance offers a suite of ULA optimization services from ULA negotiation, through ULA management, and ULA certifications. We’ve helped over 100 clients with their ULAs. If you have an Oracle ULA or you are contemplating one, please reach out to us for assistance.