We are in the first full week of Oracle’s new fiscal year and Oracle’s already made changes to the LMS audit team that could impact you. So I wanted to talk about those changes and what you should know.

A new organization – SIA

So what exactly did Oracle do? Well, you know Oracle’s audit team, LMS? They basically divided it and created this new organization call Software Investment Advisory. And the SIA group, which is really just part of LMS, is designed, according to their website, to help you align your Oracle spend with your business strategy. So that’s what the website says.

Why did Oracle create the SIA?

Now, why did Oracle LMS make this change and create this SIA group? Well, I’m only speculating here, but first is I think Oracle customers are very suspicious of LMS. LMS has a pretty tough reputation out there and many Oracle customers are not happy when they get a knock on the door. So simply re-branding the name from LMS to SIA is a way to get around that difficult reputation that Oracle LMS has.

How will SIA impact you?

But what is this group anyway? How will it impact you? Despite what the Oracle LMS-SIA website says, I don’t think this group necessarily is there to help you spend less money with Oracle. In fact, I think this group is designed clearly as a backdoor entry to get Oracle’s audit team in there to help you spend more money with Oracle, and, more importantly for Oracle, to move to Oracle’s cloud. Now why do I say that? Well, simply put, all the SIA employees are just former Oracle LMS auditors. Two weeks ago they were auditing you and trying to extract revenue; are we really going to believe that this week all of a sudden they are the kinder, gentler group?

What if you’re contacted by the SIA?

If you do get contacted by Oracle SIA/LMS our advice to you is to be cautious. Understand that this organization is not there to help you spend less money with Oracle. This organization is not independent. They are part of Oracle, they are part of the large Oracle, they are part of Sales, they are part of LMS, they are part of Legal at Oracle. It is one big organization. That’s how we encourage all of our clients to think of all the different pieces of Oracle as one big machine working to extract revenue from you.

We can support and advise you

Now if you want some really truly independent expert advice on how to maximize your Oracle investments and really align that with your true business strategy which could involve Oracle or Oracle alternatives we encourage you to reach out to us at Palisade Compliance – use the form below to drop us a line.

We look forward to talking to you and helping you through all things Oracle. In the meantime, good luck with LMS or SIA or whatever they’re calling that group these days!