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declaration of independence It’s not just Oracle that can wreak havoc on your budget.  Other IT vendors are also trying to lock you into their solutions both technically and contractually.  As IT, software, and cloud contracts get more and more complicated, costly, and risky, many companies are seeking out 3rd party advisors to help navigate through these treacherous waters.   When choosing an advisor, you must be certain that they are not working for Oracle or another vendor either directly or indirectly.  We’ve talked at length about the risks of accepting Oracle’s LMS “help” with your licensing.  We’ve also discussed the dangers of using Oracle partners or other conflicted parties to help you with your Oracle challenges. With so many companies looking to “help” you, how can you know for sure whether they are really working for you, or for Oracle?

The answer, up until now, is that it was very difficult.  Many advisory companies appear to be independent when they are really an Oracle reseller, or they get money from Oracle to do audits, or even get money from Oracle partners to steer business their way.   In talking to clients and prospects I’m often put in the position of educating them about the firms in this field.   To help you make sure your advisor is truly independent of the vendor (Oracle or any vendor), we’ve created this Vendor Declaration of Independence. We encourage all of you to download it and use it in your evaluation process.  Tweak it and modify as you see fit, and then make sure everyone competing for your business signs up to it.  If an advisor doesn’t sign it, then you know they are not working for you.

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