Telemetry Data Flowing Back to Oracle?

What you need to know.

The market for Java is changing, and fast. In 2019, a leading analyst firm ( predicted that Oracle’s share of it would decline to 20% by 2022. Recent surveys corroborate that trend. Yet the new post-Oracle Java landscape includes new providers, not always with your best interests at heart.

Oracle is not going to sit idle while you move to non-Oracle Java solutions. Oracle has a well-earned reputation for pushing their clients into expensive licensing agreements that lock you in and prevent you from adopting new technologies and services. When it comes to Java, Oracle has gone even further than we’ve seen them go before.

Join this webinar to understand how Oracle’s Java tactics are changing, and what you can do to avoid a multi-million dollar non-compliance finding.

Join Java experts from Palisade Compliance and Azul to learn:

  • Oracle’s latest Java sales tactics: truth and fiction.
  • How the Java marketplace has changed.
  • How to navigate new Java risks and embrace the new Java opportunities – safely.

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