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Oracle does not make the ULA certification process easy for their clients. Why should Oracle? When you certify your ULA to are effectively extricating yourself from a very restrictive contract opening the door to alternative technologies, and you are not giving Oracle more money. On the flip side, when you renew your Oracle ULA you stay locked in that contract while giving Oracle millions more dollars over the term of that agreement. If I were running Oracle’s contracts and compliance teams, and I did for many years, I wouldn’t make it easy for you either.

Oracle ULA certification roadblocks include certain contractual provisions, unclear licensing policies, non contractual Oracle guidelines, the new 56 question Oracle LMS/Audit Certification checklist, the list goes on. Despite all the certification obstacles Oracle puts in your way, the biggest obstacle and the biggest mistake customers can make is self inflicted.  Customers do it to themselves all the time. The good news is this mistake is 100% avoidable. You have the power to not only avoid this pitfall, you can also use the certification process to strengthen your licensing position with Oracle and avoid millions in unnecessary costs.

The biggest mistake a customer can make in the certification process is ceding control of the process to Oracle and letting Oracle certify them. Despite what you may hear from Oracle, Oracle does not certify you. You certify you.  Read the language in your ULA contract and you’ll see what I mean. It’s clear that it is your contractual obligation to certify. It clearly states that “the Customer shall certify”. It doesn’t say that you will provide a whole bunch of data to Oracle and then Oracle will certify you.

Once you let Oracle take the lead in the certification process you are immediately playing defense, giving Oracle more and more information, and waiting for them. I’ve known companies who have been in this Oracle certification limbo for a year or more. (Let’s be clear they were not Palisade customers. Our clients certify in 30 days or less.)

Think about it, if you let Oracle certify you then Oracle can take as long as they want. They can ask for more data until they find something they don’t like which can cost you leverage and money. If you own the certification then you control all the information that goes to Oracle. Nothing goes to Oracle unless you want it to go to Oracle. When you own this process you are much more likely to be successful and avoid a costly ULA renewal.

Palisade Compliance has a proprietary ULA Certification process where we keep you in control from beginning to end, enable you to claim millions of dollars of software you didn’t know you were entitled to at no additional cost, all while severely limiting unnecessary data flows to Oracle’s LMS/Audit teams thereby reducing your risk of audits. Get in touch with us if you would like more information. We can help you right away, even if your Oracle ULA expires this month.

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