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Oracle Support Reduction Assessment

Oracle stubbornly remains one of the costliest IT vendors for companies of all sizes.  Despite years of efforts by procurement and IT executives to achieve cost reductions, paying too much for Oracle support remains their #1 complaint. Oracle remains in control despite their aggressive sales tactics, license audits, vague policies, and confusing contracts.  While you try to reduce your costs, Oracle’s goal is to increase your costs by 300-400%.  If you are going to take control and reduce your Oracle spend, now is the time to do it.

Palisade Compliance has over 200 years of Oracle experience on staff.  Our team of experts worked at Oracle and created and/or implemented many of the Oracle support policies in effect today.  We’ve used this experience to build a unique Oracle Support Reduction Process designed to help companies reduce their Oracle costs and protect those savings from Oracle encroachment.  It’s one thing to save money this year, it’s another thing to save money for the long term.  The Palisade approach is a long term Oracle cost reduction approach.

Our clients succeed by following the Palisade Cost Reduction Process:

reduce oracle support

Stop spending more money with Oracle

  • Many people overlook this, working hard to reduce support costs while failing to challenge Oracle in new purchases – they then complain about ‘surprises’ in the Oracle deal
  • Oracle often agrees to concessions in one area, knowing that they will recover their concession either on a separate deal, or through later audit and big payday from customer non-compliance

Reduce your support costs to Save Money

  • This is the only tactic that most advisors offer because the others interfere with their agendas
  • Palisade offers 13 models to reduce support costs, many of these are unique to Palisade!
  • Oracle policies are designed to defeat common procurement methodologies, example, other vendors reward consolidation of spend, Oracle policies result in consolidation increasing costs

Protect your savings from Oracle

  • Tragically, some of the largest cost savings programs run aground when the Oracle customer deploys their strategy, only to be informed by Oracle that they have violated an unpublished policy and now owe substantially more money
  • Oracle challenges are often license audits, and when Oracle audits after a reseller or competitor ‘good faith’ advice, those advisors refuse to engage and defend the customer – Palisade is unique in that we advise, and then stand behind the advice with available Audit Defense services
  • More subtle challenges are ‘soft audits’ or other challenges, and vigilance is required to preserve the cost savings over 3-5 years

Watch our on-demand webinar Yes, You Can Reduce Your Oracle Support Spend to learn more about our Support Reduction Assessment and ways to reduce your Oracle costs.

Saving money on Oracle needs a strategy over the long term.  The rewards are worth the effort, let’s get started today!


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