Oracle recently announced a pricing change that could help you reduce your Oracle costs! That’s right, kudos to Oracle. Specifically, Oracle took the following database options and included them for free in the Oracle database:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Spatial and Graph
  • Retail Data Model
  • Communications Data Model
  • Airlines Data Model
  • Utilities Data Model

Previously these products were extra cost options and you had to pay for both the license and support. You can find details of Oracle’s changes in their blog. For further confirmation, you can see these products are missing from Oracle’s latest price list.

2 pieces of good news

One bit of good news is that if you want to use these options in the future, you don’t have to pay more! Another bit of good news is if you were using them without a license, you are now in compliance. (Although will Oracle go after back usage? Be careful!)

What is most interesting here is that if you are paying for technical support for these products you should call up Oracle and get some money back and make sure they don’t charge you on your next renewal.

Let’s say you spend $1,000,000 per year on Oracle support. And $100,000 is for Spatial Option. Well, given that the product is now free, call up Oracle support and make sure that your next renewal is only for $900,000. Also, if you are in the middle of a support contract with Oracle, call them and get some money back. The effective date to calculate your refund should be December 5, 2019.  You can prorate your exact amount using that date.

But stay tuned!

Where it gets very interesting with Oracle is that I don’t believe they are proactively going out and writing refund checks or automatically reducing renewals. We have a few clients that pay for support on these products and they have not heard from Oracle either way. Palisade Compliance has also reached out to some senior folks at Oracle and they have not replied to our requests for clarification. Stay tuned!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Oracle continued to charge you for something that is “free?” Only Oracle. Let’s hope they do better than that.

We estimate that about 7% of Oracle’s customers are probably licensed for some of these products. So if you’re among that 7%, you should be calling up Oracle right away, get your future support costs down and maybe even get some money back.

If you think your support should be lowered and if you are looking for a refund from Oracle, but they are not cooperating, please reach out to us at Palisade Compliance and we will help you get that reduction and/or refund.