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Yes, You Can Reduce Your Oracle Support Spend!

Oracle customers all over the world are looking for ways to reduce their Oracle spend, specifically, their technical support spend. Oracle, however, will do almost anything to hold on to their maintenance money machine. Support is a $20billion dollar annual business for Oracle with over 90% margins. To protect this revenue stream, Oracle has created a host of rules, policies, contract terms, business practices, and business processes all designed to keep you locked in and paying more each year. It’s no wonder you feel frustrated and trapped.

The good news is that there are many ways to reduce your Oracle support bill starting with your next support renewal, if you have the right tools. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how you can build a support reduction plan that is driven by your needs to reduce spend now, and not by Oracle’s never ending thirst to capture more of your IT budget.

This on-demand webinar will be hosted by Allison Adams, Palisade Sr. Director (former Oracle Global Support Business Practices Director) and Craig Guarente, Palisade CEO (former Oracle Global Vice President of Contracts). Allison and Craig have over 45 years combined experience in the Oracle contracts and support ecosystem, and they will walk you through best practices to how you can achieve your support savings.

Our hosts will review Palisade Compliance’s proprietary Oracle Support Reduction program, and discuss how we have empowered our clients to save millions of dollars in Oracle maintenance fees just in the last year. Learn how we can help you achieve the same (or better!) results.

If you believe you are paying too much for Oracle support, or you are looking for ways to lower your Oracle spend, then this webinar is for you! 


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