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Oracle’s end of financial year is only 100 days away.

Many of you will be lining up purchases, sorting out requirements, and setting calls with your plethora of Oracle sales reps during these weeks when Oracle has trained the marketplace that they are willing to be ‘reasonable.’

Others, however, are dealing with Oracle auditors at their most aggressive.  Sales is not the only organization at Oracle with quarterly targets, and Oracle’s auditors have demonstrated a willingness to push customers hard during the big year end.

Either way, we advise our clients to view this time through a lens of your real requirements.  Oracle’s targets are not your targets.  Their focus on discounts from list price avoids the larger issue, on what terms and are those list prices reasonable?  Do you really need that software?  Is Oracle telling you everything about their relevant internal policies and pre-requisite products?  Most importantly, what surprises are lurking in this end of year deal that Oracle is counting on to drive revenue after May 31st?

Another item on your next 100 day list…who do you trust?  Is it the Oracle sales rep who ‘forgot’ to tell you about a pre-requisite product last year, leading to a big surprise purchase?  Is it the Oracle cloud offerings, all of which contain real time auditing based on Oracle’s set of rules, which are not available to you for review? Is it that Oracle reseller/partner, who hire good people but cannot be seen to take your interests over Oracle’s without suffering repercussions?

Who do you trust?

This time of year is like preparing for a snowstorm (literally and figuratively.)  You check out the snow blower.  Get the shovels back from the guy across the street.  Have coffee with the neighbor and agree where your sidewalk ends and theirs starts. Preparation is key, otherwise you risk being one of those people in line at the grocery store for bread and batteries when the big storm is already on its way.

As the Oracle snowstorm gets into high gear, Palisade’s clients can count on our advisory, contracts, and analysis teams to be ready.  When they make outrageous claims, or threaten your executives, or insinuate that you have a big problem with your cloud deployment, we will be there to shovel you out!

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