Support for Oracle products on VMware

On day one of Oracle Openworld, Oracle and VMware made a big announcement where for the first time Oracle said that they would support customers who were running Oracle products on VMware. That support could happen in the Oracle cloud or if you are running Oracle on VMware on-premise.

Sounds good on the surface, right?

But if you dig a little deeper you’ll see that Oracle once again misses the mark when it comes to customer satisfaction. The real problem Oracle customers have, when they’re using Oracle and VMware, is not support. It’s the crazy hard partitioning, soft partitioning policy document that Oracle has out there. Now, remember, that document is not part of your contract, so whether or not you should listen to it is up for debate. What’s not up for debate is that Oracle hasn’t changed it.

The Possible Trap of Oracle’s WMware Announcement

So think about this: You think you’re comfortable. You’re using Oracle on VMware. You call up Oracle for support. You tell them you’re using VMware. Now, what does Oracle do with that information? Does Oracle support send that information to the auditors? Have you just asked for support and put yourself out of compliance in the cross-hairs of an Oracle audit? I would be very cautious letting Oracle know that you’re using VMware until Oracle does the right thing here and changes that policy document. Just get rid of it, completely. Or if they don’t want to get rid of it, make sure that VMware technologies are recognized as hard partitioning. Either way, I’d be very careful.

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