oracle ula whitepaper

Oracle ULA White Paper: They’re Not all That Unlimited!

An Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) from Oracle gives you the right to use an unlimited number of licenses for a limited set of specific Oracle products over a limited time in a limited geography to perform limited tasks.

Bottom line: Itʼs not all that unlimited. Unfortunately, many companies find that out the hard way. This white paper sets the record straight on Oracle ULAs and helps you determine what to do when you reach the end of yours.

The reality of the Oracle ULA, however, is much more complicated than that. In actuality:

  • You will have to count licenses.
  • If you donʼt deploy correctly, you could end up losing money.
  • You may have to buy more Oracle licenses soon after your ULA expires.
  • If you donʼt manage your ULA properly, you will be audited by Oracle. Itʼs not a matter of if, but when.

Where to go from here: your three options:

1 Renew
2 Certify
3 Do something different

oracle ula whitepaper

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