Webinar: 3 Ways Oracle Will Trap You in a ULA

An Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is Oracle’s preferred type of contract. On the surface, a ULA may look attractive. After all, who doesn’t like the freedom of “unlimited”? However, the ULA requires more management than a traditional license agreement, has traps along the way, and there’s an audit waiting for you at the end.

The ULA is not all bad news. When managed properly, these agreements can work out extremely well for the customer. The key is to manage them effectively and then certify out of them.

Find out how to break free from Oracle’s cycle of renewals and cost increases in our webinar with Palisade Compliance CEO, Craig Guarente and Terry Ginther, Global Data Serving SME, LinuxONE Sales at IBM.

Craig will discuss how to manage and how to get out of a ULA. Terry will cover how LinuxONE can empower you to certify out of your Oracle ULA and eliminate the need to acquire additional Oracle licenses.

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn:

  • Oracle’s ULA traps to avoid
  • How to assess your current ULA position
  • How to certify your ULA
  • Why you should expect an Oracle audit if you have a ULA
  • How to negotiate your ULA

Watch our on-demand webinar if:

  • You’re considering extending your current ULA
  • You might purchase a new ULA
  • You’re an Oracle customer and want to understand their practices better

About LinuxONE: IBM’s platform designed from the ground up to run your company’s mission critical Linux workloads, is able to achieve consolidation ratios of 9:1+ over x86 (including Exadata), simplifying your environment and potentially reducing your costs.

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