ula good bad uglyMany clients look into Oracle’s ULA (Unlimited License Agreement) to see if that’s the best fit for their company. The limited term is typically 3 years, and the ULA has many good, bad and ugly attributes. Below is a base understanding of the ordering vehicle and some of the basics:

ULA – Officially the “Unlimited License Agreement”

  • Limited in term typically 3 years
  • Limited in products to what is negotiated
  • Limited in use to specific entities in many cases

So as you can see, there are many limitations to the “unlimited” part of the ULA.


  • Unlimited License Annuity for Oracle
  • Line from a well know song…You can check out, but you can NEVER leave!

Here is a breakdown of the Good, Bad and the Ugly:

  • Good – Provides the client the ability to deploy a set of products with unlimited licenses rights for a period of time
  • Bad – If not properly managed can create compliance issues at the end of the term
  • Ugly – Often used by Oracle as a way to “close out” and Audit situation

The reality of the Oracle ULA is that you will have to count licenses, and if not deployed correctly you can lose money. For a comprehensive review of ULA’s and four key steps that you should follow leading up to the certification, download our ULA white paper now.