Why Do We Need Training to Understand Oracle?

Every company working with Oracle must have a team of individuals who are knowledgeable about Oracle practices as well as how Oracle deals with their customers.

Knowing what Oracle will do and what you can do will help your organization avoid the problems that others fall into, while at the same time empowering you to succeed. Because Oracle is always changing, and has so many touch points, your in house Oracle knowledge base must span multiple groups and stay current on the latest Oracle developments.

Palisade Compliance has developed two unique training solutions, each designed to inform and empower your organization in a way that best fits your unique requirements.  Whether you are moving towards Oracle technologies, or away from them, knowledge is power.

Online/On-demand learning portal through Paliversity

Do you have a pending negotiation with Oracle?  Would you like real time access to the latest information on how and what to negotiate for the best results?  Maybe you received an audit letter from Oracle and you want to know the best way to take control of it?  Perhaps you are moving to the cloud or trying to certify a ULA and your team is desperate for information? We created Paliversity as an online learning portal to provide your organization with the Oracle information you need, when you need it.

Our training includes online modules on:

  • How to take control of your Oracle audit
  • ULA lifecycle best practices
  • How and what to negotiate with Oracle
  • Oracle Java licensing and recommendations
  • How to lower your Oracle support costs
  • Moving Oracle to the cloud. 

The list goes on and is constantly growing.

For world-class independent Oracle training, delivered by the Palisade Compliance team of experts, simply visit our website, www.paliversity.com and sign up for a free trial.

Custom workshops

In these customized sessions, your team will receive training and specific guidance based on your contracts, deployments, and situation. By training across all teams at once, your whole organization gains understanding of how Oracle controls their customers, and what you can do to break free. Graduates can then help other departments understand Oracle’s practices, and how it’s costing your company millions!

Practitioners access fundamental knowledge plus lessons learned from hundreds of Oracle audits, ULA certifications, and cost-reduction projects. Empower your SAM, procurement and vendor management teams to better understand what makes Oracle unique and how they can partner with IT and legal to better control this major vendor. Avoid critical mistakes based on misunderstandings that Oracle counts on to increase their negotiating leverage.

Palisade Compliance custom workshops can be delivered on-site or remotely via web conference. The choice is yours!

Looking for online training that empowers you to control your Oracle relationship? Get in touch with our experts today.