Everyone reading this probably understands or has been through many Oracle fiscal year-ends and the pressure from Oracle sales leading up to May 31st!

The best way to deal with this pressure is to be aware of three basic things:

  1. Oracle sales behavior is the direct result of pressure they have to meet or exceed their goals.
  2. Though they may talk about the “strategic relationship” with their clients, they act very tactically.
  3. They will resort to a variety of tactics, and pressure to get the sale.

Now that you better understand their motivation, you need to create a plan to deal with the barrage of emails, texts, and phone calls to your organization from various Oracle sales people.

How you deal with it most likely depends on which of these three categories your organization presently falls into:

1. No interest or need for Oracle products before the end of May.
Either ignore the Oracle sales calls, OR take the calls, but be clear that there is no requirement at this time.

2. Some interest, but no business-driven need to execute on a new purchase by the end of May.

You have a few options:

First, discuss with Oracle sales your interest but be clear that there is no urgent need.

Second, see if they will get creative with a deal if you purchase by May.

Third, make sure the deal has three critical components: the right price, the right products, and the right terms and conditions in the contract (the most important).

3. Have a business requirement to purchase by the end of May.

Again, there are a few steps you can take:

First, discuss with Oracle your interest but don’t let them be aware that May is YOUR deadline.

Second, discuss that you COULD do a deal in May if the price and terms meet your needs.

And finally, let them know you are looking at Oracle alternatives if possible.

No matter what situation you are in, it is key to control the process with Oracle. Oracle sales wants to control the selling process.

You need to take control of the BUYING process and make it clear that you are the prospect, and you will make the right decision for your organization.