spill the beansBefore I start this post let me remind everyone that Palisade Compliance is NOT and NEVER WILL BE an Oracle reseller. We’ve even created our own Declaration of Oracle Independence.

The fact is, Oracle resellers make more money when they sell you more Oracle. What happens when you don’t want to buy more Oracle? What will that reseller do? Do you trust them? Should you trust them?

Oracle reseller horror stories

At Palisade Compliance, we’ve had more than one client approach us with a reseller compliance horror story. One client had a problem with their Oracle licenses so they went to their reseller for help. Soon after that, the client received an audit letter from Oracle.

We’ve also seen it go the other way. Another client received an audit letter directly from Oracle. Days later the Oracle reseller called on them and said, “I heard you got an audit letter from Oracle. I can help you.”

Whose side are Oracle resellers on?

These instances were either amazing coincidences or there was a little too much talk going on between Oracle and the reseller. When companies sign up to be a reseller, they sign up to certain obligations to Oracle. While the reseller has a relationship with Oracle, they’ve also signed up to certain obligations with you, the Oracle client. What happens when there is a conflict? Who will the reseller side with? Are you sure?

These conflicts of interest for Oracle resellers are real and they impact you. Does the reseller work for Oracle or do they work for you? They are trying to play both sides, and, if you are looking for an advocate with a duty to protect your interests, then the Oracle resellers’ conflicted position simply does not work.

Why is Palisade Compliance not an Oracle reseller?

There is a reason Palisade Compliance does not resell Oracle software. You might not know this, but early on in our business we were approached to sign up and be an Oracle reseller. Given our mission, reselling Oracle did not feel like the right thing to do. We believe you need an advocate that is not conflicted. One that will give you all your options and help you reach your goals without trying to sell you software. Working with an Oracle reseller on a compliance issue is like getting an accountant who makes more money when you owe more taxes. It’s nonsensical.

Working with an Oracle reseller on a compliance issue is like getting an accountant who makes more money when you owe more taxes.

We used to be in the Oracle Partner Network

You may also not know this, but there was a time many years ago when Palisade Compliance was in the Oracle Partner Network. We were never a reseller, but being in the OPN did give us access to information we could use to help Oracle customers. That didn’t last long, because Oracle kicked us out of the OPN! Seems being an advocate for Oracle customers is not good enough for Oracle. Oracle believes you’re either with Oracle or you’re against them. Since we were with the client, Oracle booted us! That was all for the best as independence makes us even stronger advocates for our clients.

Oracle resellers refer clients to us

The fact is, savvy Oracle resellers know not to get into the customer advocacy, compliance, optimization, and negotiation space. There are many Oracle resellers who refer clients to us when that client has a compliance or contracting issue with Oracle. That reseller cannot even have the appearance of getting in front of Oracle or their Oracle reseller fees could be cut off.

Why do savvy resellers refer their clients to us? It’s simple: they want a happy customer who has been treated fairly. It’s good business. Those resellers know that we will represent their client with the client’s best interests in mind. No conflicts.  And, if that client still has to buy more Oracle (because sometimes that happens), where do you think they are going to do that? Right, from that reseller. We get no money from that reseller if there is a sale.

If you have an Oracle compliance issue, who do you want to work with? Someone who works for you or someone who works for Oracle?