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Oracle partnersOur clients have choices of organizations they can engage to help them with their Oracle Licensing and compliance needs.  Often Oracle Partners also dabble in this type of service.  While we believe Oracle resellers and partners provide a great service to the Oracle software ecosystems, our clients have consistently suggested that a completely independent organization is the right solution for their Oracle licensing and compliance needs.

Personally having been with Oracle resellers and partners in my previous organizations, I can attest to the fact that as an Oracle partner the first loyalty is to Oracle and not the client.  I used to describe this as 51% Oracle/49% client.  Oracle views ALL partners as an extension of their sales team and expects these organizations to be completely transparent when it comes to their clients and prospects which many time puts the partner in a conflict of interest position. This can limit the ultimate effectiveness and value they can provide related to license compliance and negotiations for their clients.

It reminds me of the Scorpion and Frog story:  The frog needs to get across the road, and the scorpion offers a ride on his back.   The frog is worried and says  “but you will sting me. ” The scorpion says “don’t worry I promise not to sting you.”  With that, the frog climbs on the scorpion and the scorpion takes the frog across the road and then stings the frog!  Shocked the frog says “I thought you said you would not sting me.” The scorpion replies “well, I AM a scorpion…is just what I do.”

At Palisade, we pride ourselves in being completely independent from Oracle. We’ve created a Declaration of Independence that states every company has the right to receive true, accurate, and unbiased advice on their Oracle contracts and compliance issues. We have no conflicts of interest with Oracle, and we suggest before choosing to work with any firm, you understand what their position with Oracle is.

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