License Management Services

We are the leading independent provider of Oracle software and cloud licensing, contracting, cost reduction, and compliance advisory services.

Palisade Compliance offers a number of solution packages designed to solve the challenges most often experienced by Oracle customers. The most popular include:

Oracle Audit Defense

Most companies do not have Oracle expertise or dedicated resources to successfully handle an Oracle audit. Oracle’s sales and audit teams frequently use the audit (or audit threats) as leverage to get customers to do what Oracle wants. Palisade’s Audit Defense combines expert advice on responding to, challenging, and negotiating the outcome of Oracle license audits at all stages. Palisade’s independence from Oracle guarantees an outcome that is best for the client. Minimize your financial exposure by maximizing your control over Oracle’s license audit conditions with Palisade’s Audit Defense.

Oracle ULA Services

An Oracle ULA allows for an unlimited number of licenses deployed for a specific product set, timeframe and geography. It’s not all that unlimited! If properly negotiated, managed, and certified, an Oracle ULA allows a customer to deploy large amounts of software at a much lower cost. Palisade’s ULA Optimization services include: education, decision & negotiation support, management, and certification. Palisade has unique knowledge of the cloud and virtualization variables impacting Oracle ULAs. Make the smart move for your business and get in control of your Oracle ULA with Palisade’s help.

Oracle Contracts & Negotiations

Contracting with Oracle is extremely difficult and can be very costly. Mistakes and oversights can lead to millions of dollars in unbudgeted and unexpected fees and fines from Oracle. Each member of Palisade’s contracts team has over 20 years of experience, with deep knowledge across the 100+ Oracle acquisitions. Palisade’s Contract & Negotiations services include extensive support for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. No one should face Oracle alone. Leverage Palisade’s unique knowledge of Oracle’s contracting processes and stay up to date and in control of your Oracle contracts.

Oracle Support Cost Reduction

Many people think Oracle is a software and cloud company. In reality, Oracle is a support/maintenance annuity company. Support fees fund Oracle’s entire operation and they will do anything to protect those fees. Palisade’s support reduction strategy combines an intelligent mix of cost savings options and techniques to avoid compliance challenges from Oracle. Palisade is not anti-Oracle, but rather is pro-customer and will develop a complete strategy to reduce the total cost of Oracle. Get a holistic picture of your Oracle entitlements from Palisade and make the best decisions for your company.

Oracle Cloud Support

Oracle is pressuring their customers to move to the cloud. Their rapidly evolving terms leave their cloud contracts complex and vague. Palisade has over 300 clients around the world, 200 years of Oracle experience on the team, and 100% independence from Oracle. This gives Palisade unique knowledge on how Oracle’s policies change and continue to challenge non-Oracle cloud services. Palisade’s advice goes beyond a new cloud negotiation and considers ongoing impacts to remaining on-premises licensing. Don’t trust Oracle to help you move to their cloud without an experience advisor by your side.

Compliance Assurance

Oracle does not make it easy for their clients to manage their licenses and stay in compliance. Palisade’s Compliance Assurance is a thorough, proactive, expert analysis of Oracle licensing, contracts and actual deployments of all Oracle products. Palisade’s process takes into account detailed understanding of rapidly evolving Oracle policies and how they will react to key issues (virtualization, cloud, disaster recovery) today, even if your contracts are years old. Make strategic decisions from a position of knowledge with Palisade’s help and take back control if your Oracle relationship.

Oracle License Workshops

Palisade offers onsite workshops that provide an organization with an understanding of Oracle licensing, contracts, and best practices in managing your Oracle assets. Workshops are a unique blend of technical and business knowledge, communicated to attendees with all levels of understanding about Oracle. Stay ahead of Oracle with Palisade’s up-to-the-minute intelligence from defending against Oracle audits, certifying ULAs and supporting cloud negotiations.