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License Management Services

We are the leading independent provider of Oracle software and cloud licensing, contracting, cost reduction, and compliance advisory services.

A range of services for Oracle customers

Palisade Compliance offers a number of Solution packages designed to solve the challenges most often experienced by Oracle customers. The most popular include:

Audit Intervention

Palisade expert analysts and executive negotiators work with clients where an Oracle license audit is threatened or in progress. Our track record is impressive, with clients reducing their costs by over 90% versus ‘going it alone’ with Oracle. More importantly, Palisade enables clients to turn the audit response process into the framework of a larger cost saving strategy which goes far beyond the immediate challenge. In an Oracle license audit, time is crucial, click here for more information about Palisade Audit Intervention services.

ULA Optimization

The Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) creates substantial opportunity and risk for customers. Whether your organization is evaluating a new ULA, seeking to maximize the value of your current agreement, or preparing to certify or renew your ULA – Palisade has a tailored service offering for you. Palisade services have enabled clients to exit their ULA with millions of dollars in software they would have missed on their own. Our clients are also empowered to identify and remedy any potential compliance issues before Oracle challenges their ULA certification. At any stage of the ULA lifecycle Palisade can help ensure you get the value you negotiated. Click here for more information.

Cloud Advisory Services

Moving to Oracle’s cloud has its challenges. If you are an Oracle customer, then you have likely invested huge amounts of time and money in on-premise licenses, support, hardware, and product customizations. You are not going to throw all that away because Oracle wants you to move to their cloud. At Palisade Compliance we believe most organizations that move to the cloud will end up in a mixed environment where their business is run on a combination of on-premise software, private cloud, and public (Oracle and non-Oracle) cloud. When and if you move to Oracle’s cloud services should be a decision based on your company’s long-term strategic business goals and not based on Oracle’s revenue targets. Learn more about our cloud services and let us assess your business needs.

Due Diligence Support: Merger, Acquisition, Integration, and Divestiture

Oracle licensing and contracting is complex, risky, and can often result in multimillion-dollar unexpected expenditures for even the best-prepared customer. These risks grow exponentially for companies that are in the midst of corporate restructuring including mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Oracle contracts are designed to limit your licensing flexibility, and Oracle sales teams are trained to uncover and exploit any advantage to create leverage and drive up revenue. See how Palisade can help determine how your exisiting Oracle contracts can impact a corporate restructure.

Legal Advisory Services

We offer legal advisory services to both in-house/corporate counsel as well as outside counsel. In fact, our very first client was the General Counsel for a Silicon Valley based technology firm. Palisade is not a law firm and we do not practice law. Rather, we empower legal counsel with the knowledge, guidance, and data they need to aggressively defend and represent their clients.  Read more about how our expert guidance can protect and defend your client.

Contract Opportunity and Risk Evaluation (CORE)

Palisade’s unique package of license compliance and cost reduction services give clients the ability to evaluate their contracts and risks, perform targeted counts, and build a long term strategy to manage their Oracle investment. Palisade experts remain available for ongoing questions and tasks that ensure the strategy is on track to achieve the client’s business goals. If Oracle audits, then discounted Audit Intervention coverage is available to Compliance Assurance clients. Palisade has a Compliance Assurance package to fit any size of organization, click here for more information about Palisade Compliance Assurance services.

Utilization and Deployment Analysis

Oracle license auditing is about far more than counting, it is about interpreting information from both manual and automated data collection, then reviewing client contracts and business practices to ensure there are no gaps. Erroneous output from automated scripts can be easily misinterpreted, with double counting or false positives leading to perceived non-compliance. However, Palisade’s proactive auditing can demonstrate that none exists. See how our experts will help take control of this process and minimize exposure.

Negotiation Support

Most Oracle customers are looking for ways to reduce their total cost of Oracle. There is a lot of bad advice out there, and customers who take the wrong path may owe Oracle substantial license and support fees for non-compliance. Palisade’s experts help your company develop a Compliance Assurance plan that focuses on spend reduction, elimination of un-needed software and other responsible approaches that reduce costs without increasing risk. Looking to reduce Oracle costs without increasing risk? Contact us for a detailed assessment of your situation.