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file transferWe’ve talked many times about the need for independence when looking for help with your Oracle contracting, compliance, and spend reduction initiatives. I’ve written in the past about how we’ve seen Oracle partners share information with Oracle that can cause you big headaches and millions of dollars. The amazing thing about this is that the practice of Oracle and their partners sharing information about customers is not only tolerated, but there is an entire process in place to facilitate this information exchange.

Don’t believe me?  (I’m sure you do believe me, but the article reads better if I say that). Let me show you.  Every Oracle partner has to sign a partner agreement with Oracle and abide by a slew of Oracle policies.  In the Oracle Partner Network agreement it states:

“[F]rom time to time, the parties [Oracle and the partner] may exchange marketing and sales leads through Oracle Partners Online.  Both parties agree to use the information provided in such marketing and sales leads solely for the purposes related to your membership in the OPN.  All leads exchanged must be prequalified by the providing party.”

There you have it.  Not only do they have the contracting provision in place to share your information, they’ve built an entire solution to facilitate its transfer.  To top it all off, all these leads need to be “prequalified.”  What does “prequalified” mean?  I’ll tell you what it means. It means there has to be money on the table.  A sales lead is only passed in anticipation of a sale.

Oracle does have a code of conduct, and it expects its partners to adhere to that code.  In that code of conduct it states, “In the course of working with or for Oracle, you [partner] must not use proprietary information….of third parties without authorization.”

Given these statements, has an Oracle Partner ever asked you if they can submit your data to Oracle for sales purposes?  Also, do you know what data is being sent?  Remember, all leads must be prequalified.  There has to be some information going back and forth, and you have no control of that information flow.

There is a time and a place to engage with an Oracle partner.  If you are looking to buy more stuff from Oracle, then buying through an Oracle partner can be a good option at times, but not always.  If you are looking to spend less with Oracle (meaning actually reduce your maintenance spend) or to avoid unnecessary license or cloud spend, then working with an Oracle partner is never a good idea.  Oracle partners have an incentive to sell more Oracle, not to save you money.

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