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Customers are always asking us, can you support us in Europe? Can you support us in France? Can you support us in Germany? Because it’s different. And yes, the languages are different and the cultures are different. Wherever the Palisade team goes, whether it’s London or New York or Sydney or Paris. Oracle is the same no matter where you are. Sales teams in London are the same as they are in New York, as they are in Sydney. LMS audit teams are exactly the same, business practices are the same. So it’s pretty cool to be able to help our customers no matter where they are.

Oracle is amazingly predictable in how they’re going to react. And it’s more important than ever given Oracle’s revenue miss from last week because the sales teams are going to be pushing really hard in Europe. The audit teams are going to be really active and we’re already seeing that with LMS letters coming to prospective clients of ours.

So I wish everyone a great week, this week, and good luck with Oracle!

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