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The End of the Oracle Fiscal YearOkay, that may be a little bit of an overstatement but only a little. May 31 is the last day of Oracle’s fiscal year. Everything Oracle does from now until that date is geared to maximizing revenue for their fourth quarter and their fiscal year. Come June 1st Oracle does its traditional sales restructuring, purging, and realignment. You know those 10+ Oracle reps that are calling into your account today to close a May deal? They all won’t be there come June. Even if they stay with Oracle, they may not be on your account. For the Oracle sales rep, May 31 is the end of the world. June doesn’t matter until June arrives.

Oracle customers should understand this dynamic and leverage this reality to get a better deal in May. Telling an Oracle rep that you are going to sign the deal in June is not going to inspire them to work with you. Why would they? They might not be your rep in June.

Oracle recently missed Q3 Wall Street earnings estimates. If you listened to the earnings call or read any of the news reports you saw that the Oracle sales teams were clearly blamed for the miss. Lack of structure, discipline, focus were all mentioned/insinuated. In fact, Oracle acknowledges that they are hiring more sales people (yes, more people calling on you) to help right the ship.

This all means that you have a current crop of Oracle sales people all trying to get deals signed in May. They also know there are a boatload of new sales people being brought on board that could potentially displace them in accounts. Add to this Oracle’s Q3 miss and you have a situation that is potentially very good for Oracle customers. If you know how to manage your Oracle account, and you have a clear corporate vision, then you can get a very very good deal this May.

What if you don’t have a clear picture of your Oracle licensing and a corporate vision on how to work with Oracle? The good news is that it’s not too late. At Palisade Compliance, we can help you assess your usage and needs before you sign any new contracts under the pressure of Oracle’s fiscal year deadline. May 31 is several weeks away and you still have time to set a new course with Oracle. A strategy that is based on your priorities and your schedules. And not one that hinges on Oracle’s fiscal needs. How’s that for a novel idea??

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