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Today is Oracle’s fiscal year end. Keep calm and listen to our advice for Oracle customers.

Today is a big day in the Oracle ecosystem, its Oracle’s fiscal year end. So if you are an Oracle customer what that probably means is you are being barraged with emails and phone calls and text messages from the vendor, all trying to get you to sign a deal on the last day of the quarter, if you haven’t done one already.

Oracle is obviously trying to get as much revenue into this fiscal year as possible. Now many of you will feel pressured from Oracle, feel like you have a lack of leverage and the vendor sort of has you over a barrel as they are trying to extract revenue from you. And the one piece of advice is, just remember that you have June.

If Oracle is proposing a deal to you that is not fair in your opinion and not equitable and doesn’t have the terms and conditions that you require, you can continue those negotiations on Friday. The deal won’t go away even though Oracle makes some claims. They will take your money in June or July or August or September as easily as they will take it today. So I encourage you all to keep that in mind. That piece of advice can save you millions of dollars and get you the terms that you need.

If you want some more information and you ever need some assistance with your Oracle negotiations and relationships please reach out to us at Good luck over the next few hours and we will see you on the other side in the next Oracle fiscal year.

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