Oracle’s End of Year Tax

On-demand webinar

Did you know that Oracle’s fiscal year end (May 31) is very similar to the US tax season? Oracle may try to investigate your current usage of their products with an audit so they can slap you with an end-of-year fee. Or, they may do everything possible to have you sign a new deal before year-end. Oracle’s entire year often comes down to the last two weeks in May.

Before you get bombarded with Oracle sales reps, watch this on-demand webinar with Palisade Compliance founder and CEO Craig Guarente, and learn how to take control of negotiating with Oracle’s sales teams.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • Important dates and deadlines to Oracle’s fiscal year
  • How to negotiate with Oracle during year-end
  • Reasons to not sign a deal by year-end
  • Stealth audit tactics to look out for.