We Want to Reduce Oracle Support Costs

Oracle stubbornly remains one of the costliest IT vendors for companies of all sizes. Their contracts, policies, and technologies lock in customers to a never-ending cycle of annual cost increases. Whether you’re trying to modernize your business and pursue a digital transformation, or are simply looking for ways to reduce costs and survive in the current economic environment, reducing your Oracle spend is more important than ever.

No one at Oracle will help you reduce your Oracle costs. You must take the lead on your cost-cutting journey. Palisade Compliance is the only firm with the people, processes, and technologies engineered together to ensure your success.

Our process for reducing Oracle support and maintenance costs

Our three-step Oracle cost reduction process is simple:

1. Stop spending more money with Oracle.

2. Reduce your existing support payments to Oracle.

3. Build your palisade and protect your savings from Oracle encroachment.

We believe that all three steps are required to achieve savings this year, and retain those savings for the long haul.

Our technology

Palisade Compliance has created proprietary technologies to analyze your Oracle spend and software usage. We take this information and apply all of our experience to give you a set of options on how you can reduce your Oracle support costs most effectively, given your specific challenges and goals.

Our resources

Whether you’re simply looking for information, want to learn how to save on your own, or you want the help of on independent expert adviser, we have the information and tools you need. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, simply reach out to us to start the savings conversation. 

Free resources to get you started

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Get help from us

Palisade Compliance has more than 200 years of Oracle experience on-staff. Our team of experts worked at Oracle and created and/or implemented many of the Oracle support policies in effect today! No other firm can match our organization’s expertise.

Reach out to us today and learn how Palisade Compliance can help reduce your Oracle support costs.