Oracle Audit

How To Come Out on Top in an Oracle Audit – Whitepaper

Oracle has a variety of tools to gather information from their customers to then compel those customers to buy more Oracle, even when those companies do not want more Oracle! The official Oracle audit is one of those tools. Consider it the sledgehammer in Oracle’s sales toolbox. Oracle Sales will use it to drive revenue for Oracle and drive you to the Oracle cloud.

In this Oracle audit whitepaper, we will review how you can defend yourself when you receive an official Oracle audit notification. As with all things Oracle, your contracts are vague in what is expected of you during an Oracle audit. That is a feature of your Oracle contracts, not a bug. We will illustrate how you can use your Oracle contracts to your advantage during your Oracle audit.

The Palisade Compliance methodology provided in the whitepaper can empower you to manage the Oracle audit and actually come out on top. Companies that simply follow the Oracle audit process can face up to 10 times the financial liability when compared to companies who take control of the audit process and follow Palisade’s process.

Request this Oracle audit whitepaper and learn:

  • The three reasons Oracle audits.
  • Oracle’s audit process.
  • Strategies you can deploy when faced with an Oracle audit.

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