Help! Oracle Is Auditing Us!

What are you facing with an Oracle license audit?

If you are being audited by Oracle License Management Services (LMS), then you’re probably:

  • unsure of the process
  • worried about the outcome
  • and at risk of losing millions of dollars

There are good reasons why you feel this way. Oracle license audits are not random. Oracle sends audit letters when they believe you are out of compliance or unsure of your license position. Ultimately, Oracle doesn’t have to prove you are out of compliance to get your money. They only have to make you doubt your position.

Unfortunately, Oracle license audits are not designed to be fair, open, and independent. While a real audit is designed to find the ultimate truth, Oracle audits are designed to give Oracle maximum leverage over you, to push you to Oracle’s cloud, and increase your Oracle fees. Find out what happened when the City of Denver was audited by Oracle.

Oracle has been auditing for over 35 years. They have conducted more than 100,000 audits, spent hundreds of millions of dollars perfecting their audit approach, and generated billions of dollars by auditing their customers. How much experience do you have with Oracle audits? Are you willing to go it alone?

Don’t go it alone into an Oracle LMS audit!

Whether you have just received the Oracle audit letter and haven’t yet responded, or you are going through an Oracle audit and feeling that it’s getting out of control, or you are at the “end” of the process, with the Oracle LMS “final report” in hand, Palisade Compliance can help you. It is never too late to get help with your Oracle audit.

Got an audit letter from Oracle LMS? Ask our Oracle audit experts to help you!

Pick the right firm to help you with your Oracle audit

Getting through an Oracle audit can be treacherous. Picking a firm to help you with an Oracle audit shouldn’t be risky, but it can be if you don’t know what to look for.

Most companies who claim to offer Oracle audit defense services are actually Oracle partners and resellers! They make more money when you buy more Oracle. Other firms are technology vendors trying to sell you software that won’t help control the audit. Finally, there is an entire group of small advisors known in the industry as “two guys and a spreadsheet”. These individuals put up impressive websites and make unverifiable claims of success. In fact, these smaller firms do not have the technology, processes, or contracting background necessary to achieve the outcome you require.

If you are looking for a firm to help you, make sure you ask all of the following questions:

  • How does your firm make money? Do you have any revenue sources other than helping businesses with their Oracle challenges? Are you an Oracle partner? Will this information get to Oracle?
  • Show me your software discovery tools, usage analysis tools, and contract analytics engines? Are you using Oracle scripts? Are you allowed to use them, or are you misappropriating them and putting us at risk? Do you have anything other than a spreadsheet to support this work?
  • Give me the names of the people who will run this audit so I can look them up on LinkedIn? Is it just you? Do you outsource this work to others? Who is doing the work and are they an Oracle partner? Give me the names of the individuals you are outsourcing this work to, so I can look them up on LinkedIn.

More knowledge:

With so much at stake we recommend you thoroughly check to see whether your Oracle license audit advisor is credible and truly independent from Oracle.

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