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Oracle Audit Defense

Are you currently under the threat of an Oracle license audit? Is your Oracle sales representative threatening you with the “audit police” to get you to agree to a deal? Is your business changing, placing you at higher risk of an Oracle audit?

As the global leader of independent Oracle audit defense services, Palisade is perfectly positioned to help you understand the facts around your Oracle licensing. Palisade’s Oracle Audit Defense team will enable you to minimize your financial exposure by maximizing your control over Oracle’s license audit conditions. Palisade’s Oracle Audit Defense services can reduce your ultimate audit liability by more than 90% versus going it alone.

Oracle license audits are time-consuming, disruptive to your business, and often result in multi-million dollar non-compliance findings. There is a reason why Oracle conducts audits on so many of its customers. At Palisade Compliance, we’ve assembled a team of former Oracle license auditors and contracting professionals to assist you through the entire Oracle audit process. We have a proven methodology and strategy that strengthens your position, reduces your risk, and ensures you are treated fairly throughout the process. Palisade can save you millions of dollars in unnecessary license claims.

You know those former IRS auditors who went out on their own and started a firm to protect people from the IRS? That’s what Palisade Compliance is in the Oracle license audit arena. You wouldn’t go into an IRS audit without assistance, why would you go into an Oracle audit without representation?” – Palisade Compliance CEO Craig Guarente

Most companies do not have the Oracle-specific skills or dedicated resources to successfully handle an Oracle audit. Palisade’s Audit Defense team can advise and represent you through every stage of an Oracle audit, offering expert assistance to:

  • Ensure Oracle is approaching your audit in a reasonable manner based on your contract and our experience with similar audits
  • Assist you in building and leading a cross-functional audit response team
  • Help you challenge the Oracle methodology and scope of the audit allowed by the contract and our understanding of actual industry practices from hundreds of other audits
  • Guide your data-gathering process, and analyzing data before it is provided to Oracle
  • Advise your executives and create an audit response and negotiation plan
  • Conduct targeted proactive auditing to better understand your potential liabilities
  • Advise your business and legal negotiators during the negotiation process with the right solution for you, going far beyond simply writing another check to Oracle
  • Deliver long-term support to leverage your audit resolution work into a cost-reduction strategy

Our team of independent licensing experts and negotiators can help. Contact us to get connected with an Oracle audit defense specialist today!