Webinar: We’ll Show You How To Win Your Oracle Negotiation

The first thing to understand when negotiating with Oracle is that there is a right way and a wrong way to work with Oracle. This is true whether you are working through a new license agreement, migrating to the cloud, in the midst of a ULA, or even if you are being audited and working through a compliance issue.

If you understand Oracle, and how to maximize your leverage, you will be in a far better position than a company that finds itself struggling to control their Oracle usage and sales teams.

Watch our webinar to hear Allison Adams, senior director, Delivery & Advisory, EMEA director Fredrik Filipsson, and CEO Craig Guarente, discuss our best practices in negotiating with Oracle, plus:

  • Learn best practices to negotiate with Oracle. There is more to it than “wait until the end of the quarter”.
  • Strategic and tactical negotiation advice to obtain the best possible deal.
  • How to negotiate Oracle cloud contracts.
  • How custom terms and conditions can save you money.
  • What to do with older contracts.
  • How to create a strategy to reduce your annual support renewal.

Presented by:

Allison leads Palisade’s contracts practice, helping clients negotiate terms and support cost/risk containment across large and small Oracle estates. Allison previously worked at Oracle for more than 18 years.

Fredrik recently joined Palisade with 9 years of experience at Oracle EMEA where he led sales teams and negotiated audits and large license deals.

CEO of Palisade Compliance, Craig formerly spent 16 years at Oracle where he was Oracle’s Global Vice President of Contracts and Business Practices. In addition to this, Craig was also Oracle’s Global Process Owner for customer audits, a member of Oracle’s CIO advisory board, and Oracle’s representative on the Licensing and Contracting committee for the Oracle User Group.

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