On-Demand Webinar: Current and Future Trends in Oracle Audits

Oracle license audits are time-consuming, disruptive to your business, and often result in multi-million dollar non-compliance findings. After leading hundreds of companies through Oracle’s audit process, the Palisade team knows it’s not a matter of if you get audited by Oracle, but when.

The key to minimizing risk and fees relating to an Oracle audit is knowledge. Join Palisade Compliance CEO Craig Guarente, delivery and advisory director Adi Ahuja, and EMEA director Fredrik Filipsson, as we discuss current and future Oracle audit trends.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Oracle’s audit process continues to evolve.
  • Immediate steps to take after receiving an audit notification.
  • Why every company, regardless of size, is at risk of an audit.
  • How Oracle is leveraging their audits to sell cloud.
  • Why you should never negotiate based off Oracle’s audit report.
  • How to proactively reduce your financial risks before an Oracle audit.

Presented by:


CEO of Palisade Compliance, Craig formerly spent 16 years at Oracle where he was Oracle’s Global Vice President of Contracts and Business Practices. In addition to this, Craig was also Oracle’s Global Process Owner for customer audits, a member of Oracle’s CIO advisory board, and Oracle’s representative on the Licensing and Contracting committee for the Oracle User Group.


With 9 years of Oracle experience, Adi leads our largest client engagements in ULA certification, and audit Intervention. Adi also leads training and knowledge management efforts globally.


Fredrik joined Palisade with 9 years of experience at Oracle EMEA where he led sales teams, and negotiated audits and large license deals.

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