Craig Guarente from Palisade Compliance isn’t going to talk about his New Year’s resolutions. Instead, Craig wants to talk about the resolutions we think Oracle should make to not only help their clients, but actually to help Oracle.

So here we go: The top five resolutions, in reverse order:

Resolution #5: Contracts and Practices

Oracle, you’ve got to do something about your contracts and practices. Your contracts are so unclear. You’ve got policies listed on websites that aren’t in the contract, and you apply things differently all over the place. Your customers are having a really hard time understanding exactly what they’re licensed for and what their obligations are.

Resolution #4: Your Audit Team

I know you gave it a new name. It was LMS, and now it’s SIA, and part of it’s still LMS, but listen, I would say, do less audits, because your clients hate being audited by you or any other technology vendor. I know that’s not realistic; It’s your IP, you’ve got to protect it. But at least do audits well. We find so many mistakes in your audits. Forget about the speed of audits, forget about how much money you bring in – actually do audits well. See what customers are really licensed for, and apply the contracts, not some policy that’s made up.

Resolution #3: Support

It’s so expensive. You have a $20 billion business, and $19.5 billion of that is pure profit for Oracle. How many billions of dollars are customers spending every year with you for products they’re not even using? How about having a New Year’s resolution to get rid of your repricing policy? That would be great. Do you know how happy your customers would be?

Resolution #2: Cloud

I know you want to be a cloud company, and you’re desperately trying, but customers have invested a lot of money in Oracle technology already, and they want to use it in the cloud of their choice. So if you want to be a cloud company, that’s great, but make it a level playing field between your cloud and other clouds. Don’t try to rig the system so customers are forced to use your cloud.

Resolution #1: Be Nice

And the number one New Year’s resolution that Oracle should make is very simple, be nice to your customers. Treat them with respect, try not to bully them and force them into things they don’t want to be forced into. Just be nice. If you’re nice to your customers, you’re going see a huge transformation, because actually, they love some of your technologies.

I hope everyone’s enjoyed the five New Year’s resolutions that Oracle should make. What do you think Oracle’s New Year’s resolutions should be? Whatever happens in 2019, whether Oracle continues to do what they’ve done in the past, or they chart a new direction, please remember that Palisade can help you with all of your contracting, licensing, and cost-reduction issues. If you’ve got an Oracle issue or an Oracle concern, please reach out to us using the form below.